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  1. car is still for sale

    1. r0p0doe


      Ill give yah a dollar...

    2. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Quitter trolol. Also your ad probably expired unless this is a trolling line then well done sir.

    3. pondking
  2. it might be time to get out of the datsun game...

    1. laotsu


      I agree, send me all your rare parts

    2. Raggleflaggle
    3. skyblue


      never say die!

  3. my friend used to get parts from yahoo auctions through Dawa and he is currently out at see. anyone want to buy some rare miata goodies for him?

  4. Someone buy my A3As

    1. skyblue


      Try the Facebook ratsun page. Also there's a datsun classifieds in Facebook tooyou cans try there.

  5. i kinda miss the random updates in tristin's build... has it made any progress since locked?

    1. red76datsun


      it didn't make progress when it was unlocked haha... although I do miss it!

  6. still waiting on rear coilovers from skib *cough cough*

  7. since i live in michigan, i'll be going to the NAIAS (detroit auto show) this weekend and i'll be sure to take lots of pics for you guys and upload them into a thread

  8. tried to email skib again and still nothing back. all i want is my money back at this point

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    2. laotsu


      Seems like skib would be in the do trust column... up to now anyhow.

    3. jser12


      not sure. hope for the best I guess


    4. Draker


      Sorry to hear about it. Start a thread about it.

  9. was anyone able to get in touch with skib for me?

  10. has anyone talked to skib in the last.. 2 months, he isnt replying to my emails and i'll i want is a refund on my coilovers

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    2. bonvo


      ill shoot him a text


    3. jser12


      thanks bonvo


    4. izzo


      Skibs probably just forgotten or been unable to get to this... First time ive ever seen an issue like this from that guy, he's always made good and done well.

  11. 6 months and still no coilovers. i'll never see my money again

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    2. izzo


      Living in the woods or not. He should have got you those coil overs... Someone text his ass.

    3. Draker


      skib will make good.

    4. cruznude


      yea but 6 months? How? living in a van? Sorry bro, but I'd give a nut when I say this. Your money is gone.

  12. Finally 21, next rounds on me.

    1. j_boy_619
    2. TENDRIL
    3. MicroMachinery


      Those 4 words will end up costing you many monies..

  13. winter is coming... time to get the datsun ready to store for the winter :(

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