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  1. If you sell your chopped up car for 5k, I'll know to sell mine for more. Haha.
  2. Yes, it is for sale. Or trade plus cash for a 510.
  3. Scrapped the fishtank pump idea over worries of burning up the motor, opted for 200-400lbs of pressure behind carb cleaner, took a few minutes under pressure. Take some safety measures with the fittings...
  4. Trouble-shooting fuel line sludge atm. Im going to try rerunning carb cleaner through with a fish tank pump (my dads idea, gotta give credit) I'll post pics and results. Here is what the fuel filter looked liked before i pulled the tank Ewww, stinky. Got my weber in the mail last night! Got a new fuel pump too. Flushing, cleaning, and replacing everything that touched this nasty stuff has been an experience so far. Im fairly confident i can have it roadworthy in time for canby, if i can get tires figured out by then... ill post a couple ideas for that soon.
  5. You earned a half rack on that one! Iou. Thanks!
  6. Right on man! Thanks! From what I can gather, the 710 5spd swap is very similar to the 510 (DatsSully mentioned above that he used a 620 pedal assembly, much more prevalent) , I like the being able to use the existing drive-line. From what i saw digging through prev posts, a clutch master and slave, matching clutch and flywheel, and some modifying of the trans mount are in my near future. Let the hunting begin!
  7. Was searching for a grip trying to find some wheels, stumbled across croooober, anyonyone bought wheels from that sight? Prices seemed too good to be true! I was thinking on going that route if i cant talk my parents neighbor out of the libres on his z car thats been sitting in the same spot for 10+ years.
  8. Lil clr, turtle wax, and elbow greese goes a loooong way!!!!
  9. As far as the yard finding, I was driving around w my bro in law "Datsun hunting" (yes, that's a real thing!) he spied it sitting in some dudes yard. Drove by about seven hundred and ten times before I saw him tinkering about outside (a few strange things kept me from entering the gate w o permission, ie doll heads placed in plain sight) after chatting it up for a couple hours I asked about the car, he told me the car was not for sale (owned by his bro who had "gone away for a while"). He told me some kids tried to offer 800 for it last year and got a flat hell no! I told him tell his bro I'd
  10. Cleaned out a couple handfuls of sludged up gunky globs of fuel, first ran a bunch of water through it w a garden hose, threw a bunch of nuts n bolts in there and sloshed em around to knock some rust loose, used about 3 bucks in quarters worth of degreaser from the self car wash while intermittently pressure washing, then took it to work and pressure washed it like crazy, stuffed the garden hose back in the tank for the good part of an hour until I couldn't see in particles in my hand, (all ideas I gathered from ratsun) took the better part of my day. Still has some rust dust in the bottom, go
  11. Right on! Thanks man! Just working on getting in cleaned up while waiting on a carburetor and adapter, got a tail light on the way too :) cleaned the shit out of the gas tank and bought some new fuel lines, so, should be up and rolling under its own power soon enough! will post some more pics later when finished cleaning :)
  12. Couple things i left out... This car is 100% original, it was sitting over 10years before i got to it, im missing drivers side lower tail light lense(prev owner "lost it", dont ask). I NEED one!! It has an a87 head, auto trans, and its complete! Mawr oic
  13. So i found this car a while back and finally started in on it. Wanted to share some pics (a little at a time:) and bounce some ideas off anyone inclined to share input. Its been a while since ive posted on here, but always remembered datsunmike being a huge help! I hope im doing this right... (from my phone) Goals; 1st things first Need more lowr, & more stop (thinking zx strut swap)... Need a 3rd pedal (and 2 more gears)... Need more rubber where it meets the road... Thats it for the summer, maybe more air/fuel from there, just working on rebuilding the stock carb aga
  14. I had to leave early too :mad: ... gotta pay the bills, and more important than that, buy some parts for the 510!! Had fun though!! Next time i'll take the day off so I can hang out and drinnk beer w y'all! Thanks for the good time all!
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