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    Denver, Colorado
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    1994 Chevy 1500, 1972 Datsun 1200 racecar
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    SCCA racing, my kids, radio control cars
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    handyman, building/property maintenance
  1. tony wilson

    H-165 Disc Brake axle/differential complete

    I would be interested if it would fit in a 1200. Would either have to convert it to leaf springs or design a coilover setup for it
  2. tony wilson

    H-165 Disc Brake axle/differential complete

    I would be interested if it wouldn't be too difficult to put in a 1200
  3. tony wilson

    connecting rods

    hey fellas. I am trying to build a 1200 race motor. Looking for a set of A12A rods. Any help in locating these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. tony wilson

    Denver Datsun Club?

    Colorado Nissan Owners Club. CONOC.net
  5. tony wilson


    Hi. im new here and i was browsing thru the 1200 forum(i race one in scca HP class) and saw a post and photos of chandlerGTis racecar. That green and white #94 was my dads cae. He sold it to Peter Zeckert. I would like to find the current owner of that car and benchrace a little. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. tony wilson

    Parts for 1200

    Hey fellas. Im new to this forum and would like your help finding a few parts. I race a 1200 in SCCA's HP class and i need to update the car to be competitive. I am looking for 240z front struts- complete from pivot ball to ball joint including spindles and brakes. Would also like to find a 5-speed dogleg with 1:1 5th gear. The trans # is F5C56A. Also an H165 rear axle-complete drum to drum(unless theres one around with discs). I live in Denver, CO so somewhere in that area would be nice too. Thanks for the help.

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