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  1. Michael Spreadbury's site: http://spriso.com/ He's a great guy and wonderful source of all things SR20 in Datsun roadsters
  2. Don't want to say anyone is wrong on ring gap orientation, but piston rings DO ROTATE in operation. 2-cycle engines actually have 'stop pegs' in the ring gaps, specifically to prevent ring rotation. 2-cycle engines can break the rings on port edges if allowed to float around. Here's an eye-opener. http://www.diagnosticengineers.org/journal_%20articles/Ring%20Gaps%20vs%20Knowledge%20Gaps.php Flame suit *ON*
  3. You won't get very many days like that in all your life! Well done, Thanks for sharing.
  4. When I was a kid my dad had a '69 Datsun pickup which he converted to run on propane. He found a 50 gallon LP gas tank and managed to fit it in the bed. The old man was kind of a gas mileage fanatic, and the record he claimed was 1,200 miles on a single tank of fuel. My little brother and I had a ton of fun in that old pick up. Including the four or five times we blew the head gasket by overheating it. Then working all night to get it back together to deliver newspapers the next morning. Good times… I think that is why I am still a lover of Datsuns in general.
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