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    1979 Datsun 210 / B310
  1. Jseoung

    parting out an '82 210 2 door sedan

    how much for the whole car?
  2. Jseoung

    1980 Datsun 210 (310) Sunny

    yes that is what i was planning do to
  3. Jseoung

    ka24de swap into 80' b310

    i really think the stock h145 may hold...if you don't gun it......i was planning to keep it stock and swap the ka engine in it....
  4. Jseoung

    ka24de swap into 80' b310

    awww what happen?!?!!?
  5. Jseoung

    80' b310 (ka24de) Project car

    any leads on how to put in that engine?
  6. Jseoung

    1980 Datsun 210 (310) Sunny

    well just got back from the junk yard and pick up some struts from a 280 zx. now i must figure how to install
  7. Jseoung

    Sourcing a radiator... 1979 210

    if you are looking for one still i have the original one from mine. i just pulled it out and still in good condition. reason for not needing it because i am doing a SR swap on mine. let me know you want it. I also have alot of engine parts for your car as i will not be needing it
  8. Jseoung

    Silly A15 carb issue

    Well, if you need any replacement part i have an a15 engine that i am pulling out that i can part out.
  9. Jseoung

    1968-73 fiberglass 510 parts

    by chance is the 510 fenders interchangable with the sunny b310?
  10. Jseoung

    +++ DATSUN 1979 KPA10 Stanza Coupe +++

    That is one sick ride man!!! :devil:
  11. Jseoung

    RB20 in a sunny 210

    wow thats nuts!!!!
  12. Jseoung

    WTB- Doors for 210 (B310)

    1980 4 door sedan
  13. Jseoung

    RB20 in a sunny 210

    Is that engine possible in a 210? has anyone seen it? reason why i ask cause of a deal i found on line. http://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/ptd/3003389347.html
  14. Jseoung

    Sourcing a radiator... 1979 210

    I have a radiator for sale!!! would you like it? I was actually taking out the engine this evening and removing it today! :thumbup:

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