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  1. mac28585

    datsun truck brake conversion

    I'm considering selling a 79 620 w no tittle only bill of sale that has had a narrowed nine inch and looks to be a a mustang II conversion with coil overs see profile album and let me know if interested may be willing to sell just frame. Thanks Mac
  2. mac28585

    Parting out 521

    See pics in my album under profile. This 521 has been converted to a SBC with TH350 auto. I will be keeping the rear end, engine, and transmission, have 2 great shape fenders and passenger door in bed, zero rust. cab is in decent shape, bed has dents but no rot. email with parts request as needed. Located in Yuma, AZ. mac28585@earthlink.net Thanks Mac
  3. mac28585

    1976 Datsun 620 Pickup

    I have a bunch of parts as for I am working on my own project. Couple of questions? Where are you located? I'm located in Yuma AZ. Please send me an updated list on what you still need. Mac

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