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    Hey guys! like the title says, I’m looking for a new distributor for my 521, I’ve been driving it a lot this year, and after changing out the points and condensers twice already I think it’s just best to do the swap. Located in northern CA.


    Richmond , Alaska - US

  2. Rev510

    Misc 620 parts

    Wouldn’t happen to have any of the disc brake stuff left would you?
  3. Rev510

    Hood release cable

    I replaced the one on my 71 with one of the 20 dollar ebay ones from Thailand. I know.... I would’ve rather fixed the factory one or found NOS but mine was chopped in half and hanging out front. It was super easy to do, remove the bracket inside the cab and loosen the rad so you can get to the front part. Swap it over and done. Took me maybe an hour and it’s worked perfect ever since. https://www.ebay.com/itm/282069942966?hash=item41acadc2b6:g:PU4AAOSwNuxXYpNp
  4. Location? Would like the tranny and clutch setup if your close.
  5. Interested in the stock L16 trans... Location? I'm in the sf Bay Area
  6. Thanks guys! I think I have found one lol
  7. Hey guys I know it sounds crazy but I just need a quick tranny to cruise for awhile after I drop my l20 in the dime. Willing to pay or trade for whatever you guys have. Located in the sf Bay Area. Thanks guys!
  8. Hey guys looking for a l20b block in Northern California, preferably Bay Area. Doesn't have to be turn key but if it is even better! Pm me if you may have something, thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy or trade for a Ka24de carb manifold, a stock 510 fuse box, hood latch, misc dash parts for a 71 and possibly a rear trunk panel for the right price. If anybody has anything laying around you can pm or text me at 510-367-8165, I'm located in the San fransisco bay area. Thanks!
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