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  1. Yah sorry. These were for my mismatch wheels. But deciding to go a different route. Pre New Years Eve BUMP!
  2. Pick up preferred! Willing to ship / Ready for shipment. Southern Ways 3-Piece JDM Authentic Wheels. Minor Curb Rashes, no cracks or bends. Just looks old since it has factory sealant. Asking for $300 Firm. Buyer responsible for shipping of course.
  3. WTB wiper motor. Local pick up would be great unless you're like +50 miles from San Jose. Need ASAP, since most people in the bay know that its been raining here like crazy. (possibly wiper arms, one of my arms are stuck)
  4. I have the fuel filler neck the metal one. I just need the top part that gets attached to the body. thanks
  5. Double_d

    15x8 +0 probably wont work on a 510 right?

    yah forgot to add that in there. What Indy said
  6. Double_d

    Backspacing Question.

    koo, sounds good. thanks for the quick responses! helped a lot.
  7. Double_d

    Backspacing Question.

    dope... should i do this at full droop while on stands? or should i be lifting the hub up whilst on jack stands?
  8. Double_d

    Backspacing Question.

    What's the smallest backspacing that I would need to clear struts in the front and rear. Since I know that the offsets will be different for the rear a staggered stance will be necessary if I want to be "flush." With that said, what's the minimum backspacing will i need? specs. Front: Shortened 510 coilovers stock camber with camber plates Rear: Troy's coilovers. Also on stock camber. I don't have stock wheels on my car, so I can't figure this out on my own. Thanks... well i can, but help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Double_d

    15x8 +0 probably wont work on a 510 right?

    Yes they will work! need to have some modifications... such as fender rolling and stretched tires. Tight fit. There's a few people on the forum with 15x8 0 offset.
  10. GIANTS WIN! ... ok got that out of the way. Anyways, Does anyone know where I could get some rechroming and fender flares done? People who have experience with shops around the 408. I'm not willing to drive any where farther than milpitas and at all cost I want to avoid driving to Fremont. Thank you!
  11. Double_d

    My first Datsun - '71 510 4D

    where might I get a hold on tristin for them bump spacers? :)
  12. Double_d

    Camber plates

    camber plate doesnt stay in place of strut nut. Guessing I'll need a bushing. I'll try and have pictures up by tonight
  13. Double_d

    Camber plates

    Need help installing 240sx camber plates. i'm using 1885 Toyota MR2 (AW11 rear) Monroe part# 72881 strut insert. any advice? thanks

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