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  1. shawn2122

    my 76 620

    Sweet!!!! :thumbup:
  2. shawn2122

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    Thanks!!! Guys... I can't wait to get her on the road again, but right now I'm on a 16hr. shifts at work. So I haven't had much time to mess with her. Saving up to do a complete brake job first. Again thanks for all the welcomes and keep the ideals coming. I would like to fix her up a little bit. And does anybody know where I can get some Ratsun stickers?? Shawn
  3. shawn2122

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    Thanks!!! Guys... I got to replace the brake booster and master cyl. first. But she runs pretty good just doesn't stop.... And as far witch way to go I have no ideal, so bring on some suggestions...
  4. shawn2122

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Here's mine.. Don't know what they are called, but were put on the truck same week it was bought new in early 74'...
  5. shawn2122

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    Thanks!!! It's even got a zipper around the tool box so you can get in it without undoing the rest..
  6. shawn2122

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    Well this is my new project. It's a 1974 Datsun 620 with the L-18 and a four speed. It is a one owner truck, I have the orignal title form early 75' where it shows he paid just over $3,800 new. He also owned a 78' that got totaled,So he gave me a whole bed full of extra parts (Carb, intakes, valve cover, trans,ect....) I tried to make a album(my gallery) to put pics in, but it wouldn't upload pics to it.. :confused: So I'm making this New Topic. Well on with the pics!!!! Hope you enjoy!!! Shawn
  7. shawn2122

    Updated pics of my 1974 Datsun 620 check it out!!

    Tried but it want let me make a album..
  8. shawn2122

    new to ratsun world

    Great looking truck!!!
  9. shawn2122

    Updated pics of my 1974 Datsun 620 check it out!!

    Well I just read all 7 pages. And all I can come up with is just "WOW!!!!!!" I just got my 74' 620 a couple weeks ago and your truck has helped me see what potential there is in these awesome little trucks. And I'm also so a Georgia Datsun owner!!!! Shawn
  10. shawn2122

    620 FUNK! **NOW with Stroker!**

    Truck looks GREAT!!!! Just went through all 9 pages. I just got a 74' a couple weeks ago but is not road worthy yet.
  11. shawn2122

    pics of my 78 finally

    Sad about the black truck, but can't wait to see pics of the KC. I just got my 74' a couple weks ago.
  12. shawn2122

    datsun 620

    What did you get your seats out of?? Truck really looks great!!!!
  13. shawn2122

    restore 620

    Any up dates??
  14. shawn2122

    Project Kaoss: Bagged and Bodied 620.

    Just read through all 14 pages!!!! I too take my hat off to you for a awesome job and sharing it with us... I owned three 620's when I was in high school and a 720 afterwards. I recently found a one owner 74' 620 that I'm picking up Wed... This will be my project and I hope to enjoy it as much as you seem to have.. Thanks!!! Again.. Shawn

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