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  1. Got home a bit ago this beer tastes great can't wait for the pix!
  2. Just got back from Shokuji J-tin great show got 15 mpg sweet and now 1k miles on my motor time to pour on the boost! Brap Brap Brap
  3. Movie night at school, now I'm cleanin the ratsun man I could have done more this week. Wednesday was awsome at sonoma speed way drag and drifts! The glass looks clean in the dark
  4. Target works for me any one bringing the kids?
  5. I'm in south Santa Rosa any place is fine for me who all is going meet in rosa?
  6. Saw this on another forum sucks its the same day, same drive for me and a great deal. I am registered for the SHOKUJI J-TIN love the old cars you dont see every day!! Norcal Dyno Day in Manteca April 20. 3 pulls $30 3 pulls $30 air fuel ratios Courtesy of Geoff Roark our local Proam Drifter and SSautopower. No tuning on the dyno but you are free to get your three pulls early, tune then get to the back of the line to pull again for another $30. The dyno is an AWD dyno. If you have not modded your car this is a great time to get a baseline. Baselining your car gives you more bang f
  7. New half bridgeport and rebuild 500 miles and counting!! brap brap brap
  8. Where in Santa Rosa are you meeting up love to tag along!
  9. man i want to go but plans to put the moter back in my boat for next weekend
  10. Anyone from the north bay heading down not sure if I can make it but would love to be there.
  11. Here is my datona special got it back in 1985 love the two stroke sound!
  12. some pix of home made muffler and cutout.
  13. http://youtu.be/EVLwgyvnNKM
  14. Uploaded a couple videos on youtube on my crappy phone now if I can figure how to insert them to my post user name top2ll on youtube
  15. Did you figure out I can't spell I'm pretty good with at tape mesure though lol.more pix tomorrow busy today with the exaust the cheap turbo muffler wasent makin it my dauhter said it sounded like a 50 when I got it.yesterday and today hand built custom expansion chamber and muffler being an old 2 stroke guy it wasn't hard to imagine how to build it.
  16. Back in the late 70's an older kid on the block had a 240 man I would have thought he would have rubbed the paint off it cleaning it! In the early 90's I heard he was selling it bought it for 600 bucks aired up the tires brought a battery changed a couple fuel hoses and drove her home it had been sitting a few years. It was an extra car for the wife to drive to night job while I had had our girls. Well she got a ticket for speeding soon after and then no 240 soon after no wife!
  17. ok here are some pix before and after
  18. Ok doing this on my phone can't find the extended editer I'm a not the geik I thought I was still trying.
  19. Ok here she is traded for BBC sangar superjet last August, someones stalled project. Two days later been my DD every since! 1971 datsun 510 12A 5 speed 411 wrx LSD BMW rag top and racingbeat goodies. And now picked up a Eaton m90 from SC a month ago spun my wheels for a week or so then three days of makin all the bits. I drove her every day of the build apart in the morning back together at night. Been together for three weeks 15 psi boost 44 mikuni draw thru locked dissy water meth and hang on. 400 out of pocket! Next Gonna switch it up to blow thru and intercooler. Sorry for the crappy photo
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