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  1. We are in Aly asked me today if we were doing the next fun run I said Sunday she said woohoo!!


    Anyone from North of the GGB going??


    We can meet in San Rafael and caravan in......


    I was thinking of the McyD's in Terra Linda right off the freeway.....easy off, easy on.


    190 Merrydale Rd, San Rafael, CA




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  2. I'll be there! The 710 is just going to need a little attention first. The cross-country roadtrip shook a few things loose.


    You're even meeting at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. ...I just moved out to the Bay Area a few weeks ago to find work in museum and exhibit design.

    you have a great survivor there had a great time
  3. I would continue the engineering ,, and work on cars as a hobby / for fun ,, you will be much happier in the end.


    I agree I am a 30+ year wrench 8 year shop owner 2 years core engineering classes , should have stayed in school! Great build thread and color choice!


    What did you get your seat belts out of ?

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