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  1. and I thought I was the old guy at these runs hehehe
  2. look how well this could fit! :thumbup:
  3. how do I open this vid I want to hear it!
  4. I guess I could have left the cut out closed my dime is kind of loud hehe I couldn't resist!!!
  5. Walky talky great idea I have some!!!
  6. you have a great survivor there had a great time
  7. Drinking coffee and watering my ladies Aly is up
  8. Takin the dime to the river today stay cool all Tyler were can I catch you in ptown and when
  9. Nice work I guess that is the piece of broken bolt !
  10. So is anyone from Rosa gonna make it it would be cool to caravan the whole way !!! Sorry fto and dotti you have to work, I am still looking for a sitter for Aly anyone bringing the littles?
  11. Bump this is going to happen again right?
  12. There will always be nay Sayers there is a 70's nova with a 13b turbo I am sure folks gave him hell too!! I have a 58 Chevy pu sitting on 71 eldorado chassis I have heard why did you do that a bunch!
  13. I cut the top off a 318 ca edition for my dime !
  14. So the next one in July, tuff trucks in Santa Rosa this weekend my jeep made it all three nights hittin the lake next weekend!
  15. Lets have some more video!! :thumbup:
  16. Sweet heard mine start and then drive by in the background, she is not so loud!
  17. I knew i should have brought some Aly and I were red faced<Great to meet
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