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  1. time to updrade to a delcotron no more ford parts on your datsun ...
  2. I think we are going no dato.... Gonna take my truck at least it's got a tail gate. Anyone going have a rt 510 fender? Hate to get a new one from fotofab just to cut it up to duplicate my flares.
  3. Had a great time all, thanks for coming north of the gate for yet another awesome fun run!
  4. Washed rustina ready for this!
  5. In and out 8am check
  6. Anything needed for BBQ should be there noonish
  7. Yea I can get scruffy haggard and dirty but I clean up too hehe
  8. I'm gonna make this one
  9. I will keep the first open
  10. i think we are going we are here in rosa.
  11. you will be missed who else will lay rubber at 50mph plus !!
  12. Waiting.... Great pics all I do most of my surfing on my phone anyone else get the email about the next shoki j tin show August 10
  13. Great run all cant wait till the next one, where else can you hang with that many peeps !!
  14. Anyone from rosa let me know we can start the caravan here.
  15. Sweet it would be nice to get to the pier early .... 9ish sounds great!
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