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  1. Nice to see this coming along see you Saturday !
  2. Just read your thread wow and another rotary dime can't wait to see this in person!
  3. Looks like a good route way to go Busta !
  4. We should meet at the Sausalito discovery Bay museum run around the headlands and then back to the shop for a barbecue
  5. Bump because datsun
  6. Still welded 4.62 rear ratio!
  7. Can't do this one but see you all on the camping trip!
  8. Aly and I are down for sure! Sounds like a great spot.
  9. Great Rolling with you to Canby always love your car thanks for the ride Breakfast it was my first ride in the rear of a dime and I still had to climb in the front door!
  10. I'm so glad it all worked out could have been much worse. Can't wait till next year!
  11. Love your car had a great time at canby with you two!
  12. Your dime is sweet it was great going to canby with!
  13. Great first canby can't wait for the next thanks HRH for the awning it wouldn't be as much fun working on FIRSTDIME car with out it!
  14. Bump because Racecar
  15. See ya all in the am Still need my datsloco sticker if you have any Geno?
  16. See you there Busta gathering up peeps to leave rosa 7:45
  17. Sounds great might meet 101 on the way through
  18. Thanks Busta for letting me bring my old lady "my chebby" my girl friend my dato will be back in shape soon!
  19. Busta any requests for snacks?
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