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  1. Made it home smoked my clutch trying to do a 510T burnout took out the starter too. With a push start got it going and lots of noise from the clutch I'm home thanks all!!
  2. Gassed up changed oil aired up tires ....... To cold to wash her see you all tomorrow !
  3. We cut out early how did we do in numbers for the prize ?
  4. Haven't been on trinity in forever!!
  5. I get 12 mph if I'm lucky in my supercharged 12A without the charger 15
  6. Mine gets hot poor tranny header close to the firewall and tunnel but never melted anything!
  7. Had a great time like always hope my car was obnoxious enough !!
  8. Belt's on the supercharger cars washed and gassed up see you all in the am.
  9. rag10

    JCCS 2015

    Just waiting for pixs?
  10. anytime would have helped more but you had it handled
  11. Just got home had a great time!!!! Datsloco s
  12. He has better shots than that Olof your car Janksun!
  13. Ok Indy I think you have had time to post some pix
  14. You know what they say about big trucks
  15. Had a great time like always !!
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