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  1. Had a great time guys it was cool meeting everyone. Also thanks to Juan and Tim for pulling over to help a brother out.

    Funny thing tho. The coil started failing about 5 mi after i left, had to clean all the contacts and tried a different ignitor. As soon as they pulled up the car fired right up.


    I think she just wanted to drive home with other dimes.

    It was great meeting you. I'm glad we went the back way home.
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    Hello all, My name is Dustin and I just picked up a 69 2 door:) Glad to be back in the 510, its been sorely missed since I sold my baby in 2008.


    I wish I could make the meet tomorrow but I have a funeral to attend. I cant wait for the next one, and I am making the trek to San Jose on Sunday for the Datsick meet (I think)


    Anyone local in Santa Rosa area, I would love to meet up...

    I might be going to datsick and I'm in Santa Rosa I will let you know.
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  3. Yesterday I got some more garage time - a couple hours a day makes for quick progress!

    I haven't gone direct fire yet. Looks great!

    I built an aluminum bracket to hold my ignition coils- the one I had made previously didn't look proper, and I'd rather have the MSD box under the dash. The spark plug wires are done, too, so now I just need to mount the MSD and run wiring to everything.


    The fuel pressure regulator is mounted, and I've started plumbing it. I had to make a new bracket for it that spaces it up and out a bit farther, since the one it came with has the inlet a little too close to the firewall.






    If I can keep momentum going I may be ready to fire this thing up in another week or so!

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