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  1. i don't know if anyone has asked but what kind of rear spoiler is that , i want one for my 280z...u can pm me if ya like.
  2. already did, i loathed it , i waited till the car was 30yrs old (antique plates) then nixxed it, now just open 3 inch down pipe :D
  3. mine weren't $2000, almost.... but not that much
  4. i bought the car with the motor in it , it's cheaper that way sometimes...it's been kinda hit and miss with this car hopefully i can repair/maintain/improve it as time goes by..
  5. stealthfighter

    my 78'

    my 78 s30 280z , rb25det,3''dp,hks fcd and tspd,front mount, blitz bov and fatt,turbosmart mbc,13psi,255 walbro,16x8.5 -16 16x9 -16 epsilons,nismo knob,grant wheel,plus more stuff coming very soon... this is when i got it then then a bit of an update on what's coming up later and new paint
  6. oh yeah the car is my dd a lot of the time, the wheels are 3 piece epsilons 16x8.5 -16 f and 16x9 -16 rear.
  7. this is my 78 z with an rb25 this is what it looked like the first time i painted it this is the new ''paintjob''
  8. my name is Jose , I'm an automotive tech (mechanic haha ) , i'm 22 I just moved to south carolina from florida and I've had a passion for japanese iron for a long time now, my current cars are a datsun 280z with an rb25 ,a 240sx , and a 93 d21 pickup.I hope to contribute, learn, and enjoy my stay.
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