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  1. Time Left: 11 days and 7 hours

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    Hello, looking for few parts, J13 head, 520 grill, bumpers, distributor, please let me know what you have, text me 647 -608-1492. Try to find there parts for my friend pickup. Thank


  2. Time Left: 4 days and 1 hour

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    Looking for a front grill for 1968 520 complete with light pods, please let me know what you have. Thanks Bernard 647-608-1492


  3. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Wayno, You are right its a stock j13,4 Spd and it does not look like stock seat as you said that, do you have a picture of your smaller steering wheel.
  4. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Wayno, This is what i am working with, true, the leg room is very tight and when shifting feel weird
  5. Change wheels, runs 15x8 rally wheels
  6. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Its not a Datsun bit one of my dreams cars, my dad hand one and always on the hunt for one, got one but going to gave it to my dad, looking for Wagon, 1968 CROWN DELUXE
  7. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Dime Dave, Been looking for the A14, two slip out of my hands, didn't make it there fast and they were sold, my issue now after driving it is room and how the steering wheel is so close to me, going to change seats, putting buckets and if that don't work, steering column, which really don't want to do but need more room.
  8. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Been Working on the pickup and different rims and lower it even more https://imgur.com/ANfDCDG https://imgur.com/8TdrqM1
  9. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Thanks, sorry for late resopnse
  10. lightz

    New owner of 520

    Charlie69 Sir, thank you, how have you been and do you think its worth putting a a14 motor in the 520, what you think the best option is in your option.
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