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  1. Hi guys and gals... New to the forum... What i have for sale is rebuilt datsun 280zx 5 speed transmissions, Normally pulled from a 1982-83 280zx, best gearing for the L-series motors, These transmissions are professionally rebuilt from a shop who has over 40 years in rebuilt all kinds of transmission over the years and has been rebuilding mine for the pass 5 years with no flaws. I normally sell on other sites but i was requested my a fellow memeber of RATSUN to try selling transmission here... The trannys will have 0 miles on them and 0 oil so it's starting life all over again, and will come bare so you'll need throwout bearing,slave cyl,fork,shifter.... ECT, just use everything that comes from your previous transmission and you'll be set. I have a few of these transmissions and some are in the shop being rebuilt and i also have a 9 to 5 job so please understand if i can't ship the next day but i will be able to ship normally by the weekend. $600.00 plus $95.00 shipped anywere in the upper 48 states USA ONLY!!!!

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