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I believe in the EI dizzy, and the IR alternator. That Datsun IS a car and that the almighty Nissan made them. I believe in gear reduction starters for colder climates and high output oil pumps. That setting valve lash hot is better than cold, and that a good mechanic does not need to use RTV. That a good used junkyard part is superior to a reconditioned one and I believe in the merits of a hot start relay and re torquing head bolts at every tune up. I believe that a higher output alternator trumps a stock one and that dash light dimmer switches were installed by Nissan as an in joke by the engineers. I have faith that when a Datsun quits on the side of the road that almost anyone can check for spark and fuel and that having found one and fixing the other it will start and get you home.


This is what I do believe in.



and dont forget......




- your favorite Moderation team

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