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  1. I watched some stealth stuff take off from near the flight line at Nellis and the sound doesn't match what you see, its a trip.
  2. Got the MS mostly installed. Little bit more interior wiring to do. The place I got it neglected to note that the tach output is not compatible with the 70-72 tachs, I was already eyeing a speed hut tach and GPS speedo so guess that settles that debate lol.
  3. What printer and filament are you using?
  4. Its a hell of a sound. A sound of pure joy if its on your side lol never seen ground troops not cheer their asses off when an A-10 comes in to lay down some hate.
  5. bottom is looking good, satisfying isnt it lol
  6. I blame someone's poor time management and communication. Just glad its finally here though. I can run my LS coils now and clean a lot of shit out of the engine bay. And not be running 40 year old engine management lol
  7. Holy shit... 13-14 weeks later... My "4-6 week" lead time megasquirt stuff finally showed up.
  8. As I was recently working with oil companies in Alaska in 2020... yes, yes we did lol we had more oil than we knew what to do with. Now most of us are out of a job lol
  9. docs write like shit, just scribble in a professional manner.
  10. I will not be adding that to the same folder as the ctrlpew folder that I also do not have. How dare you undermine the glory of the system by posting such a thing. also, whats the LxW of that card?
  11. or driving in their cars alone with a mask. lol dumb cunts.
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