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  1. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    I guess now I have to figure out what ismore cost eficient for me to do as I am not skilled enough to perform all these mods my self
  2. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    I was consdering disc brakes, but don't how reliable a disc bfake kit coul be if I do frame swap, all of that is taken care of I have read a few threads and the idea of power brakes, power steering, and multiple power options on a clasic truck is very appealing
  3. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    That is something to consider I didn't think about that tanks guys
  4. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    Maybe I am shooting kinda hight I am looking for a 720 and with a good running engine
  5. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    King, I used to believe that he same thing and chopping a frame wasn't an ideal option for me until I met a mechanic and he's done more then a few updated suspention clips on old trucks and I must say he is very talented he is the one the sujested modifying the frame in ca see I have to , so on that note I think I have a few options to work with
  6. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    Thank you all for your input is very much apreciated and right at this point I am considering all possible options and you guys are right the best option so far is a 720 only thing is I live in central Ca. And a 720 is as good as gold , a true clasic and very cherished so it is very hard for me to buy one on my budget I guess I could be more patient and wait for the right deal at the right moment thanks all three of you once againg for your help tavilas
  7. tavilas

    520 chassis swap

    I have decided to do a chassis swap for my 520 I have seen a few discutions on ratsun and they are owesome, but I am cooking a deal to get my hands on a mitsubitshi mighty max. has any one tried to do a swap using a mitsubishi truck? I know their are some mods ivolved like shortening the frame or extending the bed/cab. Please share the experience cons and pros ect.
  8. tavilas

    620 graft to 520 frame

    Could we see some pictures of the swap? I am considering a chassis swap my self and any help on the subject is very much aperciated tavilas.
  9. tavilas

    drum to disc breake convertion

    I need help , I want to convert to front disc breakes on my 1968 520 pick up but don't have alot of money at the moment my first cracy idea is to go the the yard and put the parts together but don't know if thats a good idea does any one have any useful tips for an amature like my self on the subject?what exactly do I need to do the job? if you do I'll be very thankful
  10. tavilas

    So many parts, i dont know where to start.

    hey buddy how are you? how do I get a hold of this guy? I nee a hood for a '68 pick up 520 ,you think he has one/
  11. tavilas

    body parts

    I have a 1968 520 truck does anyone know how I can get a hood for it or if anyone knows what other car or trucks hood is conpatible with mine that I can use?
  12. tavilas

    newer nissan parts on an old

    So you think it is possible ? How about parts of an 88 perhaps I want to convert front drum breaks to disc breaks I got a friend that is sailing the 88 hardbody and I though I could do the convention from it
  13. tavilas

    newer nissan parts on an old

    does any body know if I could fit nissan hardbody suspension parts on my 1968 datsun 520 pickup? things like disck breaks uper and lower A arms radiator and so on ?

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