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  1. You can add resistance but that lowers current. The only way to increase current would be to remove resistance in the circuit which you couldn't do unless you added extra in the first place.
  2. "The more current applied, the brighter it gets." You can't apply more current to a circuit.
  3. It's been my daily driver since about a month after that. It was sitting in a barn for 11 years, had a dead squirrel in the engine bay, and a dead rat in the trunk. I replaced all the rubber and cleaned out the fuel system. Runs like a champ. No time to really do any real work to it besides the interior. I have collected a bunch of parts but need to drive it everyday. Did you have a build thread on your green z somewhere? I thought I recognized it from somewhere online.
  4. Was randomly going through this post and found my car. If I remember right, triplez, you had the green z?
  5. For the record I also think this swap would be a bad idea. Sorry
  6. I quoted this because this is where I see no reference to a vk outside of the last sentence. Just someone talking down to someone they don't know, while talking themselves up. I am not trying to make any enemies or friends here I am just saying that it seems like ther are some members here that are quick to dismiss everyone who wants to bullshit about doing something different as some 16 year punk who needs a good talking to. I don't care if he wants to put a jet engine in the thing, he isn't asking you for instructions. It was already said that he was just thinking out loud. All I am saying
  7. i guess i'm just from a different time when you didn't have to give your tool inventory, experience, and tell "how deep your pockets are." before you could talk cars with people. this is the era of the internet though. and thanks for the welcome, i will see myself to the door.
  8. I will make sure to scan my ASE certs up so I don't get flamed if I ever decide to post a project of mine, which i probably never will.
  9. Not the first "we are better mechanics than you" post I've seen here and I'm sure it won't be the last.
  10. Where does it say anything about 510 or vk? I must have missed it
  11. Why does it seem like your automotive expertise is measured in the amount of posts you have on this forum? You know there are a lot of people that don't spend as much time racking up posts on ratsun as they do in their garages, it doesn't mean that they are amateurs. I take this as an open invitation to "flame" me since I only have a couple posts too.
  12. Bump. Open to offers or trades. Looking for 5-speed for L16. Can add cash on top if needed.
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