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  1. Good to know on the ARP main studs.... I was not aware of that - even on the 240 motors with the girdles? I knew about the timing cover. I'll shoot you a message. Got a few questions.
  2. Will be but I need to pressure test it. I think it has a leak.
  3. Also picked up an AFCO radiator for the swap. Although unfortunately my nismo radiator cap wont fit... New AFCO rad on the right, and Koyo 510 rad on the left for comparison. Picked up a linkage rod for the carb manifold, but will need to drill and tap the mount holes since the rod towers are bigger then the mounts on the manifold. Still need to figure out the trigger wheel. If anyone with a KA could snap a picture of the clearance between the pulley and the timing cover that would be great. Didnt do that before I tore the motor down.
  4. Oh yea... time line on the KA has been bumped up to ASAP. Got the L back together and went to fire it... it doesnt sound pretty. http://vid871.photobucket.com/albums/ab271/demo243/KA%20build/new%20parts%202-17/BD2B83FF-E099-48C4-9BDC-0D4FF66B4A76.mp4 There is no reason for me to pull it and work on it before the KA, so it is just going to wait. Once I have the KA ready Ill pull it, install the KA, and then tear down the L to see what the issue is before selling it or parting it.
  5. Got a few more updates... mostly just parts I've picked up. Scored most of a motor along with a ton of really good performance parts on craiglist for super cheap, so looks like I will be building a forged motor- Here is the first part. Block appears to be bored/honed already. Most of this stuff wont get used, but it was a take all deal so I got em all. If anyone needs KA parts let me know! Block - I will likely use this one since it may not need to be bored. Need to get it measured to confirm. Now for the good stuff! Brand new still in packaging - Wiseco 9:1 pistons, Eagle Rods, ARP main and head studs, King Bearings and a Commetic head gasket - Also an AEM Fuel Rail and DeatschWerks injectors, dont need either one of these so they will both go up for sale. The big question now is do I run these 9:1 pistons or sell them and get 10.5:1 pistons... With a Decked head and block and a thin gasket the 9:1 will bump up a hair more and be pretty close to the stock 9.5:1... Or I run 10.5:1 pistons with a thicker gasket to bring the compression down a bit and run on Pump gas better. Everything I have ready basicly says over 10:1 you need race gas or at a minimum 93... which we dont have here in Cali.
  6. Gonna have to make up some mounts but should be pretty good. Probably going to have to run the fan on the front as a pusher though... We'll see once I get the motor in. New afco on the left - koyo 510 rad on the right for comparison Still a few weeks out so you'll have to wait for fitment report
  7. I just picked up an afco for my swap. Just arrived today. I'll try and get out to the garage to snap some photos tonight
  8. interesting... might have to do that. Still thinking about bumping up to a wiesco or supertech piston
  9. Cool there kit seems pretty reasonable - $485 for a complete engine kit Complete Engine Kit Includes: Complete gasket set, pistons, rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, freeze plugs, timing kit and oil pump.
  10. Anybody have a good reccomendations for a rebuild kit? The machine shop I spoke with is looking for 1300 for "stock" parts... Looking at Cleggs or RPM Machine right now - any experience? Also ordered the T3 trans mount, oddessy battery mount and picked up a full ford edis 4 set up off Ebay.
  11. Also picked up a cheap used ebay header that I dont care about dinging or cutting Parts... Parts... and more Parts....
  12. Time for an update- Ive got two manifolds to choose from. A proper Nissan Motorsports made by Ed Pink Racing welded one- And an Unknown Cast one that I am pretty stoked on and will likely run Would love to know more about the cast one. It seams to be really nicely done, meaning somebody but some thought and likely some $$$ into the mold to cast it, but I have only ever found one other photo of it online mounted up, and cant find anything on either of the Casting marks - EWL 671-2 or A.D.M.L .
  13. been meaning to cut another 1/4 coil off mine... Ill have to be sure I do this...
  14. Yea that's was one of the draws. I also like the ability to make a custom map. On the flip side xdi seems pretty killer in that you just set your idle,3k,8k,and limit and it does the rest. Pretty much decided I'm gonna go with mega jolt /edis
  15. That's the scary part... Having to or being able to tune it and possibly screw it up... Duke is running a mega jolt set up. So I'm hoping I'll be able to "borrow" his map when I get mine going. If I go xdi it seems even simpler just set your idle timing, your 3k timing, and 8k timing, then rev limit and it does the rest
  16. Truck engines have their own issues as well.... they also are harder to find.. I dont know if an l20 dizzy bolts directly up either... And I already have the 240 motor so just working with it... I am liking the idea of no dizzy and the possibility of tuning with megajolt as well.
  17. Cool. Rpm was on my list of places to check out.
  18. Got a couple leads on some carb intakes so hopefully I'll have one of those in hand soon. Also got a lead on an electromotive xdi ignition setup... But I'm still leaning toward the megajolt/edis4 setup Still back and forth on whether to bump up to forged pistons and rods or rebuild "stock" ... $ will probably determine this... Leaning toward "stock" right now. First thing is first though... Need to get the block and head to a machine shop in the Bay Area here. Anyone have any recommendations? Also an rebuild kit recommendations?
  19. Picked up another fan and pulley to get the L motor running again in the mean time.
  20. Not too much to update yet... Other then my garage is beginning to look like an autoparts warehouse... Picked up another trans... Seriously need to stay off of Craigslist... This one was recently rebuilt though so saves me the trouble of rebuilding the pnp one. Still have the auto trans that I need to get rid of as well. Tear down continuing Tear down complete Found some metal junks in the oil pan... But don't know where they came from... It's a good thing I'm rebuilding this motor... Pistons 1 and 4 were pretty good... But 2 was rough... And three was really rough ... Rings were f*^%ed and wrist pin was a bit tight.
  21. Tossing this out there- dont know how many of you have dealt with either of these systems, but I am currently working on Carb'ing a KA24DE. Crank fire ignition seems to be the best option. My plan was to run the Megajolt/EDIS set up, but have come accross a used XDI setup, which depending on price could potentially end up in the range of an EDIS/Megajolt setup. I am having a hard time finding any direct comparisons between the two. Besides the cost difference (Brand new XDI is a pretty penny) are their any major advantages or disadvantages between the two? Thanks
  22. oh yea this photo too- I believe the motor is from a 98 by the w at the end
  23. And sorry for any doubled up photos... I know there are a few...
  24. Oh yea- Santa was good to me this year as well - Datsun Flag and Datsun Fender Cover
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