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    70 510 ka2.4de, 68 Vw Squareback, 07 s40
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  1. Jezabel

    weber dcoe 45 $175

    Its a 13 &he will post some pics as soon as i am done with him.....
  2. Jezabel

    Jezabel's Dime

    If I can decide what to paint with!!
  3. Jezabel


    OK, I found one for us all!
  4. Jezabel


    Another one for us Ladies!
  5. Jezabel


    Well I liked yours! I guess it's ok for women to "like" sexy women...
  6. Jezabel

    Jezabel's Dime

    We are using klean strip air craft stripper. I saw some similar products at home depot for 2/3 of the price so thats what I'll try if I need more. I think it was a soft blue color originally.
  7. Jezabel


    You forgot me already? :blush:
  8. Jezabel


    :o :wub: For us Ladies
  9. Jezabel

    Jezabel's Dime

    No fancy paint till I learn how to drive it fast! I just want to get it put together to drive. I need to wait for some warm weather then I will prime it. Got the jams done today with only a few touch ups needed. Gonna pick up some bolts for the fenders and hood tomorrow. Glad Freaky is around to be the boss!
  10. Jezabel

    Jezabel's Dime

    THANKS!!! I think i got a sweet deal!! Hell all the hard work is done :devil:
  11. Jezabel

    Jezabel's Dime

    This is my 70 2dr 510 ka2.4de in progress. I bought this car from 510Kevin on here Thanks Kevin!!! The plan is to clean up the jams and repaint with a little fun added in the mix. Hope to keep the pics comin And Oh yea my dime makes my boyfriend TOTALLY JEALOUS AHHAHAAHAHA
  12. Jezabel

    Wanted: Fender Rolling Expert

    Creepy is out of Spokane

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