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  1. sedan20

    72 521 new oics. mighty mouse.

  2. DROPPING PRICE AGAIN... I cant keep it. $1950
  3. JUST DROPPED PRICE FROM $3500 to $2950. I cant keep it... as much as i want to. ~~no pleasing the wife~~ :( my loss is your gain. I just want to see it go to a good home.
  4. Its not gone yet... im gonna have to find the person who really wants it, as it is a niche marke vehicle... not like selling honda civic. lol... I know what im up against, just giving it a go. believe me, this took a lot of thought, and consideration.. I love the car.
  5. Sooo.... Ive reached the point in my life where I own two legitimate 4x4's and the Geo spends more time as a paper weight than it does on a trail. Its not that I dont like it, cause i LOVE the car, but i need the parking spot desperately. So, after much deliberation, and thought ive decided i would like to see the car in use rather than simply hoarded among my many other vehicles. I cleaned it up, and took some pictures today. Id like to find someone who can truly repurpose it. Since im not sure what i can, and cant get for it, i decided to price it at something i view as "reasonable"... and well go from there. Ill include a mod list in a bit. FOR SALE: $2950 obo - email me (mrsedan20@gmail.com), if your interested
  6. sedan20

    72 521 new oics. mighty mouse.

    shouldnt have gotten rid of it...
  7. I cut off the lower spring perch similar to what you would do to complete the Datsun suspension modification where you install newstyle coilovers on a 510... but instead of remounting it lower like most people do to lower a car, i remounted it higher with a 1.5" spacer... I had to compress the crap out of the spring, but i made it fit... not it lifts it about 2 inches... the 1.5" spacer, and a small lift from having additional spring tension. it worked out great. The rear, i just added a rubber spacer under the spring itself giving it about an inch lift in the rear... this leveled the car's natural rake out. I drove it around like this for quite some time... then i installed big wheels, and then chopped a bunch out of the wheels wells.. so they looked bigger. finally after installing the hefty exoskeleton, it seems to have compensated for the custom lift. I need to reinvent a way to raise it again.
  8. sedan20

    so i rolled it her...... =[ (now build thread)

    I love it when people read the first page of a build thread, and then post a response... as if the rest of the 11 pages dont exist.
  9. sedan20

    so i rolled it her...... =[ (now build thread)

    so, a CLEAN engine bay.... good... are you gonna paint it? now would be the time...
  10. sedan20

    so i rolled it her...... =[ (now build thread)

    they have their purpose.... compact and all. The joke is when people think they are race cars. I LOVED mine... I love the body lines, and the distinct sound of a honda rattling exhaust. It reminds me of how a VW bug or a Subaru WRX just sound so diffrent. I knew mine was no race car... I loved to cruise in it, and slap the tuned stereo while i did it.. But no ... alas, all good things come to an end. It was stolen and gang raped. within 8 hours the theives had it stripped to a shell. I still miss that car.
  11. There has been a resurgence in the force today. I dont know why, but it comes, and goes in waves... I miss my Honda. I'm just here paying homage today, but one day, she will be vindicated... ONE DAY, Old Lazzie will stand up, and reclaim the throne.
  12. sedan20

    so i rolled it her...... =[ (now build thread)

    Its not bad to be compared to a honda. The tech that went into designing a budget commuter car that endures decades of abuse ending up in the hands of 16 yr old boys is AMAZING to say the least. and the revolutionary gas mileage, and record breaking dependability!! dude... there are some SICK ASS Hondas out there. IDGAF what anybody says. I LOVED my EG6!
  13. funny you should mention that... i was just trying to imagine what would be best laser-cut into a piece of sheet metal and welded into the diamond shaped void at the bottom of the a pillar over the front wheels... in the exo.... "Geo Metro Combat Edition" This seems most fitting.

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