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  1. that would be a 185 or 195 60/14s, and also little to no change in speedo reading. 70 series are a little tall and will rub a little spot in the front inner fenders during parking situations.
  2. whats with the 5 or 6 notices I got on this thread? Spammer?
  3. Maybe some sort of heavy steel guard should be constructed to protect the oil pan from damage below? This has to be enough extra weight for the front to drop at least 3 inches
  4. love this, love everything about it
  5. i will bet the exact current bid that its a bullshit bid by one of his friends
  6. Seller ended auction because item was no longer available...meaning his dog ate it!!!! Too funny! $5k for less than a box of Twinkies, what a loser
  7. The Poly motor is also known as "wide block 318" so probably not the best idea.
  8. That would be any 77-87 Jeep Dispatcher, model is DJ-5. Basically anything that is recognizable as Mail Jeep. I will note the Grumman Bodied followers are S10 based, and the newest model is Ranger/Mazda based. i checked and there are plenty if you are willing to ship, lots of yards have all the particulars listed such as LSD, ratio, etc.
  9. Slightly off topic but somebody else brought it up. I worked at Taco Smell as a teenager. The "taco meat filling" is labeled as just that in the boxes, not even hinting at its origin. The beans everyone likes so well, they come dry in a bag and resemble chocolate frosted flakes, just add water. We reused those caulk guns with the sour cream in them, and there is a method of refilling. They want to load you up on lettuce and beans, because thats the cheapest shit on the line. Im not going to even get into the other gross shit that happens in the "kitchen", yet i still eat there...Chalupas are deep fat fried gorditas, cinnamon twists are deep fat fried pasta, it can get pretty fattening pretty fast, yet delicious
  10. Theres a tall glass of warm poop juice around here trying to sell a whole runnning jeep for more than its worth, but theres at least three in the parts lot at the scrapyard, so Im guessing, pretty easy to find. Make sure its a D44 and not the AMC 20. 20's have a perfect round dome cover, D44 resembles an acorn on its side, and funky bolt placement on the cover. Someone would have swapped in the AMC 20, its not factory for a mail jeep. its also a tapered axle rear with a single giant nut holding the hub on. The fact i know this from memory leads me to believe I REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!
  11. Lets see, I have had problem with paypal scammers, had a thread on it here with the guys full name and phone number...what a dumbass. Also called Paypal and gave them his name and number. I have answered the phone numerous ways over the years, Phantom Mortuary, Honest kramers QUALITY used cars, Kramers China Buffet(NO, I no see youre cat, stop carring!), sometimes a loud "WHAT!!!???!!!", Hey fuckface is a favorite, Gloria Ironbox attorny at law, specializing in sexual harassment is a good one, I have used Niles Standish before, yes yes, occaisionally I break out the Lumberg treatment, Kramer's Portajohn service, No1 in the No2 business, Kramer's Animal processing, no questions asked, most were replied with a dial tone.... Probably the best was one night with a "honky tonk special" back at the house, and a close friend called, so I put a hand over her mouth and answered...after about ten minutes I told him waht was going on and sent him a picture message... I really hope I wasnt too vulgar with this one...I tried to be vague in case there was any children 12 or under reading I am lmao writing and thinkibng about this...
  12. i am following this closely because of my own engine swap tendencies, and I can just watch and learn without saying much. All descriptions are good and I am at a lack of questions...but not ideas...I do have a Poly 318 with some go-fast goodies and a OD 518 sitting idle...
  13. I stand corrected, here and from the Jeep people
  14. I probably should have also mentioned the dana 44 rear used in D series mail jeeps. pretty narrow already, lots of gear/lsd/locker possibilities. I think the D jeeps all had posi, as they were 2WD. I know alot of the Chevy LUV guys are running these in their drag trucks. Let me do some research... 4 bangers had 3.73s and straight sickses had 3.08s, all had posi...now to find a width and that width is 52 inches, bolt face to bolt face...also, some had traclock, some had powerlock. It seems powerlock is more desirable, it apparently locks harder with more throttle...traclock seems to be described more like limited slip, not positraction
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