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  1. Checking if anyone has a 620 Truck under dash AC Unit (same as the one in the picture) that they're bringing to the swap meet to sell?
  2. Got Datsun?

    1. nthedrk71


      "Go ahead, tell me your Civic is JDM"

  3. datsun saves gas can

  4. Hello, I'm interested in the elephant one in black. Please let me know if you can make one for me in this batch and if so how to pay for it. Thanks, Darin
  5. Hello, I just sent the money for a set. Thanks, Darin
  6. Chrome grill? Please let me know. Darin
  7. Second dibs on the valve cover if he decides not to want it. How much to ship to 89110? Thanks, Darin
  8. I got mine yesterday, looks great. Thanks Dave.
  9. I'll take the last one if still available. Let me know. Thanks, Darin
  10. I'm interested if by chance they both fall through. Darin
  11. Might you have a pair of the plastic pieces (thier about 18 inches long by about three inches wide, I think they just block you from seeing under the seat) that bolt to the floor board that go along the side of the seat rails. Not sure what they are called. please let me know. Thanks Darin
  12. Hello, I'm interested in the plastic seat rails, a/c switch and maybe other stuff if I see it in person. I can pick them up from you, I'm not far away or price to ship to 89110. Let me know. Thanks Darin.
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