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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

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    Got this on barn finds if you know anyone looking. 12volt conversion, me gas tank, POL booster kit


    DeSoto, Texas - US

  2. Something wrong at the tank I haven't dropped it to see. I decided to get a m8 fitting into the drain bolt holes and ran a line that way for now. Drive able, return line is functioning
  3. She drinks... like a lush. I blew the lines again, good ten minutes. But....i removed the hose off main pickup or outlet line(in the middle ) and it pumped from a container reservoir on floor. I still suspect something wrong inside the tank tho. Ran out of daylight today but I will try directly from the gas tank later. Whatever caused it to only fill halfway from empty must be completely obstructing the hose to the line. Guess have to drop tank to investigate, replace breather filter (throw parts at it technique)
  4. I know someone in need of a gas tank for 79 four door 210....if need be he is willing to retrofit another model year if possible, pending 80 and newer is bolt in
  5. This 77 a14 I had only came with a manifold off header only but I eye balled the flange a a late 90's Sentra mid pipe bolts up(98 and up...2001?). How it seals is yet to be revealed but best option I had to button up without welding
  6. Just a dribble gets to end of the rail. I only blew into the outlet line. Would the canister line make a difference?. Finally got a gas cap which helped, but still not psi enough to keep it running. FYI a got a late 90's Sentra mid pipe(between cat and muffler) and it bolts on the a14 manifold.
  7. Time Left: 4 days and 17 hours

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    Buddy needs gas tank for 79 210 four door. If compatible with other years like to 1982?


    Dallaa, Tx

  8. Ok next phase of trying to get the car back on road. The 80 car has a 77 a14 and Chinese replica electric distributor installed. Only running of brake cleaner and bowls filled. Car sat for 2.5 years so lines may or may not be plugged. Original sender was functional prior to sitting. As of now no fuel pressure. So far I've just tried to get fuel into the rails by filling the filter and plugging it on the bottom. Slight drip at the hose end of rail to carb. No vacuum canister so I plugged the hose at that line. I also tried to see what taking lines off pump as well, disconnecting filter hose and rail hose. I poured fuel into the upward facing rail line and it flowed right out the filter side line, without obstruction (but not sure if stuck in position.)The car has incomplete wiring so not sure if sender is getting current aside from no dash or gauges at this point (but sender shouldn't affect pump?) So basically engine sputters until bowls empty out, and I had a little bit of fuel pass into rail from filter. Does canister affect pressure? I will try to blow air into the tank. Sat with 3 gallons which I drained. Got at least a gallon of fresh gas now but nothing is going from line to filter or tails. Any tips?
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electronic-Distributor-Fit-Nissan-Datsun-Sunny-B110-B210-B120-Pickup-A12-A14-A15-/272770955826?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Sorry bout pic. Car in storage cross town. No electricity. Part I have is Like this only I have a red rotor. No brand, no instructions. Dropped right no issues just lost on wiring this with 80 matchbox harness. Got alternator, oil sender, vacuum advance, starter leads connected, ignition switch/ key connected. New wires, new plugs. Haven't checked fuse box but key works. I'll go by tomorrow
  10. 77 a14/ dizzy with 70ish coil with resistor/ coil bracket from friend. This resistor has a black/ white wire and terminal, blue wire and terminal and a red wire in between.
  11. I Chinese copy with red and black wire http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Vanette_Distributor#22301-G5710. It came with the condenser style but never attempted to run to that one. The coil has a resistor on the bracket. I have a universal Accel 12v coil. Article is saying resistor is optional and says to ground the distributor. With my last motor I remember running a push start with a lead coming from the ignition switch and starter black/yellow wire. Tach also but this was matchbox dizzy.
  12. It's the Chinese knockoff of the Mitsubishi....my harness is matchbox. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Vanette_Distributor#22301-G5710 I'm also looking at EI wiring post it's saying run a wire from ignition switch to 12 volts with the black/ yellow starter wire. Ground the distributor and blue with to coil negative
  13. Kept digging n found this http://datsun1200.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=compact&topic_id=67682&forum=1
  14. http://datsun1200.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=compact&topic_id=67682&forum=1
  15. This is like the original with condenser https://www.ebay.com/p/Reman-Distributor-22100-h7200-for-Nissan-Datsun-A14-Forklift-1-4l-Engines/1927896753 If it's easier to wire this I'll be open to that until I get the matchbox style if all else fails
  16. Thanks for the common Sense on terminal. Cranking now but no spark. I took out the original 77 distributor with condenser to use this eBay electronic pickup style. Never tried original which has the resistor....also someone chimed in saying it has a box that should come with it as well. Ok so wiring is confusing with either so I'll use this Datsun 1200 link as a visual to what I'm trying to depict.( Btw I'm going to check the fuses at the fuse box. )Datsun1200 dot.com mentioned running a lead from the ignition switch. I used to have a push start on my original setup and matchbox but that was straight forward. ThiseBay unit is installed currently, https://www.google.com/search?q=ebay+datsun+a14+distributor&oq=ebay+datsun+a14+di&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j33.17926j0j7&client=ms-android-metropcs-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8. It's all self contained with a module under rotor and two pickup leads. Here is the datsun 1200 link I'm referencing, http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=EI_Wiring. The harness is matchbox style. How can I utilize this harness with matchbox lead on the eBay style without the resistor? The coil wires for me are (-) black n white, (+) blue teal. The resistor has same coil colored wires. The datsun 1200 link using the condenser style distributor says to ground the coil on distributor but I'm not sure where. It mentions not to worry about vacuum lead either. So once I ground the coil to distributor and run a lead from ignition switch, I hopefully will have a circuit and spark? As car sits I have coil on harness and distributor on top of that, but no ground. I tried to run jumper wire from matchbox leads but no change
  17. Yeah battery was just on jumper cables...but I ran a jump wire to starter. I'll at least ground it securely to battery n get positive terminal on
  18. Slave not installed, no fliud in master, no fork...o will take off transmission entirely later this week. I'm just going down a list of things that could been end. I remember how it was having a bad pilot once few years back so I'm trying to remember symptoms. Even symptoms of starter and coil. Been five years since touched a Datsun
  19. I'm trying to get my 80 210 shell rolling again. Got a junkyard 77 points a14 that has me stuck. Harness is matchbox style so distributor is no wired completely and all I've got is the starter and alternater so far Motor turns freely with socket both directions but with key on it's just thuds and barely moves. Was under impression that I could bump engine over at least to do compression test. I had starter tested as well tried new 80 starter( casting is different and harder to fit). Not clicking like a bad starter but slight rotation with this. Transmission is on but no bearing or fork, neutral. I might try to take off transmission to see a difference. How can I wire this points coil and distributor with later harness? I only have the alternator and starter. I switched distributor to an electric pickup(not matchbox) which has two leads for coil. Same result with or without coil leads. At this point I'm no worried about spark yet just cranking. No luck with key or jump wire to starter. It seems like trying to start with car in gear hypothetically.
  20. Broken timing chain? Stuck fuel pump, coil? Been a while since I tinkered with these motors. I have experienced situations as a bad starter, clutch/ pilot, coil but was a complete car with complete wiring. So I'm basically bench testing this 77 motor as starting point for compression then on from there
  21. I came here for faster response, sorry Datsun Mike. I've got a junkyard 77 a14 points motor I'm trying to get inside my 80 210. Harness is 80 matchbox style. I have the starter(tested good) to the battery using jumper cables. Starter lead connected to harness. Distributor not connected to harness. With a socket the motor fturns freely in either direction but not with key or with a jump wire to starter off battery. Not best connection but it does make starter move slightly. Not like a click(bad starter click) but like a thump. Points coil connected but not at resistor.harness directly to coil. Trying to just get it to turn over to do compression. Transmission is on but no fork or bearing. Starter changed to brand new 80 starter same result. Is this a flywheel clutch issue, stuck fuel pump, weak connection? I figured starter could spin to do compression with distributor,coil, harness etc
  22. Yet to pull off fuel pump...will a stuck fuel pump cause not to crank? Oil pump is missing sender unit
  23. Ok I've got an issue dropping in older a14. 77 points motor but 80 car and harness. I basically have starter in and trying to just get it to crank with key. Spins fine at crank but starter won't get it to turn over. Trans is connected, neutral, without fork or bearing. Yet to try to slide transmission back. With known good battery and tested starter. Tried a new 80 starter as well same result. Distributor is not wired . I ran a lead to the starter and it slightly moves. Same with key. Im just Trying to just spin motor and attempt compression. Will the distributor need to be connected? No driveshaft connected either. I don't know if lash or valvetrain is off yet. With a socket the crank goes easily in either direction. Just trouble shooting if this is a trans flywheel issue or distributor
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