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  1. Cruzilla

    My 521 down in the lab...

    Wow looking good man I understand how you feel..I was about to drive my truck off a fuckin cliff before sick620 got a hold of me and we went to town on it.I just finished rewiring it and it was a big ass job new brake cylinders,brakes,new brake lines,electronic fuel pump,all sorts of shit but and tons of beers to go along with it. I just finished the rewiring and the only thing left is the tail lights but I'll tackle that pretty quick.And my wife thought the same of my truck and never wanted to ride in it anywhere.Anyway keep on guzzling those Mickeys and it will all come together.Now it's on to get it painted soon but I need Tail gate I don't wana grind the bondo off of it because it's cracked to hell so anyone got a tail gate for my 1967 520?
  2. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

  3. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    Well sick620 and I finally got it staterd and cleaned up the wires,next it's on to driving it around till I find a radiator for the beast but for now it's my little pink pig.Thanx sick620 for all of ur help :thumbup:
  4. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    That's incredible... B)
  5. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    Truck was a j13 originally.. p/o installed l16... alternator died because they were using the original and they had cut it open and ghetto rigged it to make it charge... the battery was mounted under the bed... cut out the battery and installed a new remanned alt.. we had to get a smaller belt and make a smaller bracket because there wasnt enough room for our alternator. We went through the wiring and cleaned it up. the radiator dosnt have a cap on top and is rigged up to a ghetto vw overflow. I want to get a better radiator... the fuel pump is a electric one and I would like to switch back to the original manual style... we got everything back together but now truck wont start, we need to check our wiring again in the morning...
  6. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    Were' calling it a night we tried to get it started but no cigar daamn!!!!
  7. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    My wifes family lives in port orchard and a couple in bremerton thanx sick620 is over right now working out all the hoakies
  8. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

  9. Cruzilla

    My 1967 520 project

    I bought this for 500 dollars and drove off with it.Now my good buddy sick620 is helping me out with the rebuild of the project and I am thankful.The wiring has been a bit of a Rats nest...we also have to replace the the entire radiator system because the last owner installed it like it was legos,just pieced it together.If sick620 wouldn't have played rescue ranger my datsun would have just been driven off the cliffs at the cascade mountains. l16 swap dogleg 5speed weber western wheels metal dash petronix electro dist.

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