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  1. spook420

    water pump question

    Honestly I was considering it once I found out that it didnt fit.
  2. spook420

    water pump question

    I think I solved why I bought this water pump. Yes it for a KA motor. I bought a 1998 Nissan Frontier shortly after getting my Goon and remember buying it for the truck and not the Goon. This was way back in 2012 so my memory has been a bit hazey. Thank you all for the help and knowledge on solving the issue. Ive talked to the buyer and going through working this out with them.
  3. spook420

    water pump question

    the bigger picture is that I was sold a non-L series water pump. Got it from either Napa or Autozone locally. Should have know not to goto them. Maybe its for a Z engine?! WOW this puts me in a strange postion. I had a pic of the old water pump off when I was cleaning up the motor at some point. I think it was before I bought this water pump I sold so I never was able to test fit it.
  4. spook420

    water pump question

    not sure if you can view the listing but here EDIT: his message - "I bought a water pump from you and it does not fit the L18 engine. I would like to return it and get my money back."
  5. spook420

    water pump question

    years ago i bought a water pump for a L16 1970 510 goon I had and unfortunately I sold the wagon and forgot to give the guy the water pump I had spare. Fast forward to this past week where I had listed to pump on ebay and someone bought it. Now the buyer is messaging me saying that it doesnt fit his L18 engine and wants to return it to me for a full refund. Fair is fair and if that is the case I will accept the return. Ive been away from the community for a bit and IIRC it should bolt right up to the L18 engine. Did I have an odd size water pump or is something else at play here. I want to make the right choice here and asking advise if what he is saying is true.
  6. spook420

    1998 Nissan Frontier Transmission

    Thanks man datzenmike, didn't help the problem but it gave me some more insight about this truck. I think if anything I'll buy a rebuild kit and a new tc and take it to a transmission shop let them work on it. Im not comfortable tightening the bands on it plus that's going to wear them out faster from what I read. Anything beyond that being the problem Im not going to bother with fixing it, unless it needs it. Hopefully this will fix it or ill have to get an older 280Z 5 spd and swap it. - something I wanted to do in the first place when I got this truck. :thumbup: (i knew the trans would explode sometime - bought it with some minor shifting problems - just didn't think it would last this long. 3 yrs+ later) Ill take a video of whats happening and post here soon so you can visually see and hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGd5jxbDWs0 video doesnt do it no justice and actually it didnt slip as bad as it been doing lately.
  7. spook420

    1998 Nissan Frontier Transmission

    Ill take a look. The color of the oil is a dark deep red color,(almost a black reddish color) like how its had several thousand miles on it and discolored normally. I pulled the pan in hopes I got the right filter kit and pulled and replaced the filter already but the pan gasket I got was for a different pan. Ive reused the old gasket so I think it will hold up just fine. Ill check back in awhile to give you an up date. There was a lot of metallic sediment on the magnet in the bottom of the pan and the filter seem to have some light sediment in it. (seem to me normal - Ive done this before on a Chevy Caprice years ago) it doesnt seem like this problem is caused by blockage. I was only able to get out 5 qts of the 8.3 that fills it. Im guessing the rest in the torque converter.
  8. I need to change the oil in the trans and the auto parts store has 2 (or more) different models trans for my truck. 1998 Nissan Frontier, 2WD 2.4L and i believe it is a 4 spd w/ OD but not totally sure on that. Is there numbers stamped somewhere on the trans or in the engine bay or on the sticker inside the drive side door jam that would tell me this? I did not want to buy the wrong one and get stuck changing the filter and rip the gasket and cant put it back together right away. This is my daily driver. A lot of the reason why Im changing the oil is because when the trans is stone cold its slips and hoping this is the cheap fix I can do to help resolve the problem. The other reason why Im changing this is because I dont know when the last time it was changed (if ever) figured it was about time. If possible I would like to trouble shoot my this problem. whether its torque converter going bad or the trans needs a rebuild etc... and if its worth sinking the money to do so. Truck has close to 170,000 on it and engine is strong with no problems (*knock on wood*) I just replaced the entire cooling system (radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, cap, sensors, etc...) the cooling system was replaced because the radiator got a crack on the place top piece and couldnt be JB welded. (lol I know - temp fix) I just wanted to hear some of Ratsuns thought on this. Y'all been very helpful on issues I had in the past.
  9. Wondering if anyone can verify that is the correct read out and which part I would need to get to to fix it. I use a Memo Scanner U480 for the reader. Ive been looking for the part but not sure which one it is. Code: P1444 Canister Purge Volume Control Valve Circuit Malfunction Possible Causes: EVAP control system pressure sensor is damaged or has failed EVAP purge volume control valve is stuck open EVAP canister vent control valve is damaged or has failed EVAP canister is damaged, or hoses are connected incorrectly
  10. temporarily going to hold off on selling it..still have it. a few things came up
  11. spook420

    1970 Datsun 510 Wagon - Sarasota, FL

    temporarily going to hold off on selling it..still have it. a few thing came up
  12. spook420

    1970 Datsun 510 Wagon - Sarasota, FL

    i know if i lived in Cali i'd be asking a lot more and would've been sold already..
  13. spook420

    POST Craigslist ads here...

  14. already have one...but nice offer.
  15. selling my goon..i dont want to but i have too.. http://sarasota.craigslist.org/cto/3345420796.html if interested please reply to the ad. fastest way to get in touch with me. also include that you are on here. so i know you're a fellow ratsun guru..thx for your time guys and I WILL be back sooner than later(pic link in my add and my signature)

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