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  1. im debating on attempting converting to coil over in my 620 i dont know if anyones done it, am i crazy of do think it might work?
  2. i deffinetly want to do a ka in my truck but i think i might try it with a ka24de out of a car, but will a truck oil pan fit on the car ka?
  3. hey 1lo620 is that blue truck yours?
  4. ok sounds good, lookin forward to hearin about it
  5. is it worth it? how much work was it, what parts need to be changed like motor mounts, sway bars stuff like that, some thoughts on it would be great. cause ive had enouph of this:
  6. haha dillon you have way to much time on your hands
  7. we need some more people to do it
  8. if ive got a new motor by then im in
  9. HEY thats my truck in the first to pictures! and those smokeoffs are at my house! haha
  10. yeah i did the hood yesterday. im runnin a u-67 head thats ported
  11. got a l20 with flat top pistons and mikuni carbs right now, but im lookin for a KA
  12. haha someday itll get there bud, and when it does i better be the first for a ride
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