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  1. I read a bunch of differant ratings on what they are capable of and they never get anywhere near whats listed. for example a 720 pickup has been listed at 30+ on a bunch of sites i have found and they rarely get more than 25 from what I've read on this site, mine personally gets roughly 20.
  2. If anyone is interested I could totally make custom acrylic display cases for these, pm me if your interested. Unemployment is driving me nuts and a project like that could be fun.
  3. this guy wants to see a reply to skib's post.
  4. Haw, this thread made me laugh a lot..., I just noticed your pic matches my avatar a lil bit.
  5. ive hit around 85 in my 81 kingcab before I put in my weber, I havent had to follow my speedy step dad around since.
  6. beautiful country a lil ways north, nothing like pretty scenery to have while busting your ass just to get around on a bike. Been a Bicycle mechanic since 1999 with a few short breaks here n there, so I definetly appreciate when a rider posts stuff like this.
  7. I'm a bit of an archeology nerd always read anything I happen to run across on similar subjects even considered going back to school to join the field. History can be fascinating, even more so if a bit of mystery is involved.
  8. Super interesting, glad you posted about it.
  9. that truck looks amazing, only a lil rust on the top lip of the bed. Looks to be a farm truck? if it is I'm even more impressed wth the condition.
  10. I would follow Dawa's suggestion if you feel the need for discs, sometimes a peice of mind is worth having.
  11. meh I don't find any of them very tasty, those are very similar to pbr and I actually prefer it over those unless I'm drinking something actually good.
  12. I'm interested in knowing next time this happens.
  13. When I want to get drunk I drink good old Olde english 800, when I want good cheap as shit beer I drink pbr. When I want something tasty it varies on my mood I like elysian stuff if its not too sweet and love pyramid's snow cap. I also enjoy most hefeweizen. I do love blue moon stuff on occasion but its pretty rare. however I really love a local pizza house's micro brews its called The Rock pizza, whenever I have gone i find everything they brew is well suited to the food they serve. there is multiple locations around the King and pierce counties in washington, its not the best brew I've ever had but it always seems to fit the pizza well.
  14. It definetely looked to be a 1/2" breaker bar would work its just a simple square inset slot on the head, but its larger than 1/2 by a few milimeters and way smaller than 3/4" I'm assuming metric of some size, just haven't been paid yet at my new job soon as I get paid I'm gonna tackle the leak, possibly the muffler, but I may wait on that.
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