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  1. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    any updates?
  2. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Man, and I was hoping that sooner or later you would ask me if I wanted to buy it back
  3. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Let me know what happens. I miss this car
  4. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    What's the status of the car today?
  5. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Fix it
  6. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    No I ended up buying a Porsche 930 & swapped a SBC in it. I only come on here to lurk on this thread. I have thought about buying another 510 though. I miss it everyday.
  7. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    dude just fix the hood hinges, install all the interior parts, get in the car and enjoy it. Dont tackle a big project while we are having this perfect weather. When the sun is out, leave it parked in the garage but at night the temperature is perfect. Get in and take the misses to get ice cream as soon as the sun sets.
  8. StinkyTurbo

    69 4door 510 in Maine

    Change the fronts to ZX brakes/suspension. The fronts are 200SX suspension purchased from Krecs.
  9. StinkyTurbo

    Sr20 won't fit... So many attempts so many fails..

    I did it the same way.its the easiest way
  10. StinkyTurbo

    Thailand outer squeegee?

    For the outer door squeegie, I did what VintageRice did and made my own using Ford Probe squeegies. Work well.
  11. StinkyTurbo

    New "RULES" for the JCCS show 2014

    I can see why they would create this new rule. A lot of good looking and rare cars are left out of these shows because all the spots are taken up. Like they always say at these shows, "the real car show is in the parking lot". Im pretty sure the "unfinished" cars will be there and their drivers will still go.
  12. StinkyTurbo

    Rb20det VS Sr20det VS Stock

    You'll never know until you try. Be a pioneer. All the info on the internet about swapping a s13 sr20 into a 510 says that you have to use a top mount manifold or use a more forward mounted bottom mount because it will hit the steering box. I had nothing to lose and gave it a try and my car has been running for 5 months with the OEM bottom mount manifold.
  13. StinkyTurbo

    Star-Road is releasing New Mesh wheel : "Glow Star"

    If they're cheap, the Honda kids will ruin them for me.
  14. StinkyTurbo

    pic of your dime


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