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  1. justplainjoe


    double kapow for mike! :rofl:
  2. justplainjoe


    apologies...figured it wasn't actually showing anything.......i'll try to redeem myself.....
  3. justplainjoe


    Damn!.......lets try this again.......
  4. justplainjoe

    "KA"nsas 2DR

    I need a ride.....when you have time :thumbup:
  5. justplainjoe


  6. justplainjoe


    hopefully not a repost
  7. Stopped by to look at the stash today. RTB's a good guy.....I'll help answer any questions on the stuff if I can. :thumbup:
  8. not that i saw.....just 70-73
  9. justplainjoe

    Repro 72 510 SSS Grille & Supersonic badges

    its worth what somebody will pay. depending on the high bid, i may work with them. ;)
  10. justplainjoe

    moar parts.......

    pm replied
  11. justplainjoe

    moar parts.......

    it is a dual that somebody removed the emissions points to (i assume if possible) run it as a single
  12. justplainjoe

    moar parts.......

    kris kross will make ya bump bump
  13. justplainjoe

    moar parts.......

    I will look-get back to you tomorrow, hopefully!
  14. justplainjoe

    moar parts.......

    indeed sir
  15. justplainjoe

    pic of your dime

    it was nice....last week....for a few hours....finally got her out for a little drive.

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