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  1. Who did I see on Hwy 14 in Lyle Tuesday evening? I was headed into town eastbound in the Roadster when a blue 510 sedan was coming out of town headed west. Looked like a nicely maintained ride, the driver and I exchanged waves as we passed.
  2. yeah, I know right! All those miles (450k), all those dirt roads, jeep tracks, and worse...and then I bust it myself. crap. on another note, where are folks getting windshields these days? I see rock auto lists em. I heard someone else was making better ones though. what's the scoop? My biggest fear is finally replacing it...and two weeks later taking a rock right in front of the drivers seat. It seems to always work that way.
  3. cool q tip! a white one? shows up best So I'm hearing marinating the seals in silicone is good. OK. and what's the trick to getting them in? I was looking at that and wondering, given the sharp corner at the upper leading edge. Seemed to me you start there. did a rear window in a ford pickup (firewood accident) and it wasn't that bad, but those have nice roundy corners with good radius size
  4. I've got a deal going with Dirttrack510, he's sending me glass for $50, shipped. And, by the way, he's parting out all the rest of the glass on that wagon as well (no windshield). Now to get the danged gasket, which is not cheap. I'm really kicking myself for not securing that stupid seat in the back like I should have. That was fun meeting you and your husband and chatting. I tried to send you a message but you'd disabled, you guys seem like you'd fit in with our car camping posse and I wanted to get contact info to see if you'd like to join us on our next outing.
  5. One of the seats I bought from MattnDew rolled over in the back and smacked the right window with a metal bit. Now I need new glass, a gasket, and a new white Ratsun skull and wrenches sticker. any windows local? crap.
  6. Mattndew What are you driving (1200?) and when are you going to show up ?
  7. I'm in. I'll be bringing the deathmobile, AKA the Six Eyed Beast. Thought about bringing the Roadster, but the right rear axle is grumbling at me and putting another 200 miles on it doesn't sound like a good idea. Plus, if I brought the roadster, it would be just another roadster, with a ratty interior. The Deathmobile, however, stands out.
  8. Was googling about this and what turns up but Ratsun. I'll be looking into this one for sure.
  9. My guilt is I don't feel like managing two websites to post photos on one. Then other sites host ( I know, $$$) but don't handle embeds well. Then I wind up posting crap twice and keeping track of what and where. PITA
  10. I expect it may drive and steer a tiny bit better with new shocks at all corners (if I can sort out which strut inserts to get, and then find the damned things), new ball joints, all new rod ends, new idler, and a steering brace. I'm a little rough on it and have been for 20 years, and I don't recall changing anything up there out, ever. I hope I'll notice a difference. Oh, OK I think I did do the rear shocks like 10 years ago.
  11. Dang. I was hoping that paying extra might get me a dollop of that magic pixie dust! Good to know, thanks.
  12. I had a look at the idler the other night while re replacing the starter (new one lasted two weeks) and before re replacing the alternator (new one spun the pulley loose in 2 minutes, that made a great noise, I will never buy NAPA electricals again). The bushings are cracked and squishing out at both ends and if I yank on it I can feel it give and shift. Boy, that's gotta be helping my steering. I'll be getting all new stuff in addition from Rock auto, the only remaining question is Moog, Adelco, Beck/Arnley. I'm tempted by the moog stuff, and also question the real difference between stuff from the same company but with a price differential. Is a Moog 35 buck ball joint really better than a 25 dollar one?
  13. Been looking at the ermish parts. He also offers a thrust bearing upgrade for another 85 bucks, but I bet a trip to McMaster's website will turn up thrust washers that are just fine for 20 bucks.
  14. timely. I'm looking for calipers only and rock auto is now out of one side, I think it's the left.
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