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    every thing datsun nissan
  1. 79lowrider

    1979 datsun 620 z24 swap

    and yes roy is right next to yelm
  2. 79lowrider

    1979 datsun 620 z24 swap

    i have a 84 4x4 that i will be taking it out of that runs and drives it is just a wheeler and is not street legal so that tranny will work just no speedo and can i put the weber off of the l20b onto the z24
  3. 79lowrider

    1979 datsun 620 z24 swap

    Hi i need to know what i have to do to swap a 1984 z24 into my 79 620 with a 4 speed do i have to change the trans and how would i do the swap thanks

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