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  1. its for a wagon, i did not know they were different!
  2. Need both front fenders for a 71' 510 in good shape with minimum body work needed.
  3. I need a right rear door thats in good shape.
  4. I need an engine harness for my '71 510 wagon.
  5. The cross member does not come with it! I pulled this out of my new wagon project, never ran it have no idea what shape its in! $50 Local pickup - located in Valley Springs, CA if interested PM me.
  6. Gbf510

    71' Goon Build

    No, stripping the white and going with the factory burnt orange color! As far as the caps go I thought the same thing!
  7. Gbf510

    71' Goon Build

    More details and build plans to come.
  8. Gbf510

    71' Goon Build

    Whats Up Guys, Im Garrett. This is my first Goon Build. Ive been lurking the forum collecting info for this build, so hopefully with all the help you and my brother have lent I can get this thing up and running smoothly. Heres a few Pics of the car. This was my first day working on it. So far Ive got the exhaust, transmission, interior, and engine bay stripped. Next step - Prep for engine bay sand blasting Here are some shots after it was cleaned out and battery box removed. Still need to weld the cut.
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