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  1. Man i love this forum so many people here to help! If you guys could email pics to TipTricky@gmail.com that would be fantastic! Oh and add location and price as well please! :w00t:
  2. I am looking for the stock grill for a 69 datsun 510 2 door. Im in the Sacramento area if theres some one close that would be great but i am willing to pay for shipping.
  3. TipTricky


    Any one ever stuff rims that size under a datsun? i have bubble flares so it can stick out and look good but just want to know if any one has got some to fit?
  4. Man thats rough hope the guy takes care of it. :console: <--- what a strange emoticon
  5. just saw a green goon in chico on east first tried to run him down to get a pic but to much traffic this was at 11:03 today
  6. Thats what i was thinking its going to be like riding with welded up pipes haha. Planing on doing a ford 9 inch in the rear no with a 4 link set up like the 4 link wagon over on the project dato section.
  7. Those are two very nice cars. What are the gauges you took a pic of the speedometer and g force meter they look awesome.
  8. TipTricky

    My 1st 510!

    Man thats a good looking datsun I like the two tone and the rims.
  9. Ill be keeping that in mind. How much horse power are you thinking you will make when its back?
  10. Ok every one im getting closer to getting my 327 chevy into my 510 but im doing suspension right now im going to do ground control coil overs but i dont know what spring rate to use the car is street/strip and will have around 400hp any suggestions for the suspension will be looked in to. Oh and if any one has a complaint of the V8 swap i dont care this is the suspension topic so just keep it to your self thanks.
  11. Haha sounds like a lot of fun. Your car is still the best looking 510 iv seen. I love the blue you have any idea what the color code is? Thanks
  12. People like me dont want to be just another 4 cylinder datsun we want to have a datsun that stands out in a crowd haha. Its not your datsun to worry about any way.
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