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  1. peanutbuttercups

    Canby 2015 picture thread

  2. peanutbuttercups

    Potential 510 Wagon project..

    She cleaned up nicely, Here is your first thumbs up :thumbup: Fyi The 300zx motor is a complicated swap, just saying, but it's been done. I'm a Ka24de (and sr20det) fan myself.
  3. peanutbuttercups

    Potential 510 Wagon project..

    Please buy it, you will have a twin. You will love it, thumbs up everywhere! If you paint it please keep it original orange (my 2 cents). If you get it I'll be watching Here's my project.
  4. peanutbuttercups

    Gold Mine of Old Cars

    I'm sure he's refering to this Cortina, that I posted up here a while back. Which is gone now, I saw it rolling out of there on a trailer last summer. There's several cars there, a Hillman, a ford mustang SVO, mostly American cars. The only 200sx I remember seeing out there has no wheels and is setting on the ground. I would be cautious out there, hundreds of illegal grow operations. Kinda sketchy. Probably safe in town though. The only car I was drooling over out there was an early Toyota Mr2 on Meshies.
  5. peanutbuttercups


    I Believe it was totaled, I remember seeing it around a few times.
  6. peanutbuttercups

    What are you drinking right now?

    I have seen your '59 at wally, don't make me upload an oic :rofl: . Poweraid? Stop drinking poweraid!!
  7. peanutbuttercups

    Canby 2014 No Fucks Given - - June 14 & 15

    Maybe 2015 :devil:
  8. peanutbuttercups


  9. peanutbuttercups


    No moar websites please Instagram, Twitter, Blah blah blah blah, Datsun!!!
  10. peanutbuttercups

    drama withdrawals

    This thread
  11. peanutbuttercups

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    It's on egay now.
  12. peanutbuttercups


    Hey other Redding guy lets roll
  13. peanutbuttercups

    What are these side marker lights from?

    Look like g00n rears modified, DO WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE A TEST ON EVERY THING?
  14. peanutbuttercups

    Posts.... Did You Know????

    Insomniacs :devil:
  15. peanutbuttercups

    Universal Disk Brake kits?

    I have purchased beebani's brake calipers for my 620 and they are great quality! I would just go that route, my two cents.

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