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  1. Daner521

    521/S13 Hybrid Build

    Any progress? ready for an update!
  2. Daner521

    Twin 521's found...looks like a good project : )

    They are both probably cleaner than my truck and i payed 1500 for one!
  3. Daner521

    Datsun 510 16x9? stock body

    I appreciate a car/truck with a good offset wheel, but not a slammed on the ground, tires exploding from rubbing on the fenders, speed bump scraping undrivable hunk of turd I prefer function over form.
  4. Daner521


    Nope, somewhere in my trucks 42 years of living somebody cut them off. i was pretty bummed but still bought the old girl haha
  5. Daner521

    My new 521

    You should get the yosemite sam matching mud flaps
  6. Daner521


    I am jealous of your bed hooks! Anyways.. She's a nice old gal.
  7. Daner521

    Floor rust- what to do

    I wish my floors looked that good!
  8. Daner521

    1971 521

    I like your bungee battery tie down.. mine is blue.
  9. Daner521

    521/S13 Hybrid Build

    I'm really loving this build! The rear suspension looks amazing. The only thing that worries me are the strut towers, i'm no engineer but they don't look like they will withstand much abuse. If i had to guess i'd say the base where the three tubes all mount in pretty much a strait line is gonna be a weak point. I mean no offense.. Does anybody agree? maybe i just worry a lot.
  10. Daner521

    521/S13 Hybrid Build

    What's going on with this build? More updates!!
  11. Daner521

    And introducing...

    Meeee toooo
  12. Daner521


    hahaha damn ok pics are up.
  13. Daner521


    Thanks for the welcome everyone! pics of sock air filter coming soon haha
  14. Daner521


    Haha yep i like the body just how it sits too, I mostly plan on mechanical upgrades, but first thing i do is a new exhaust hopefully on monday.

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