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  1. Are the kfvintage sills and inner rear quarters the same parts as futofab??
  2. Hope not the rear main. That wouldn’t be fun doing that with the engine in the car
  3. Where abouts is your oil leak? Sump? Or is it rear main seal?
  4. Yeah pretty much what I did aswell. Makes a huge difference
  5. Found yourself a gearbox I see! Nice. they’re pretty sloppy in the shifter. Make sure you replace the shifter bushings and nylon cup on the end if they’re worn. I actually made a short throw shifter when I had one of these boxes in my car. You have to make the end that goes into the gearbox longer, makes the shifter feel 100x better. I also think maddat sell a short throw shifter for these boxes. I ended up putting a 71c box in mine, basically the same as a 71b box I think, it just has the nicer shifter mechanism used in sr and cr boxes.
  6. Oh roger!! makes it easier to understand cheers im so torn between getting a set of these. Or holding out for a set of ssr reverse mesh to pop up. I wish they still sold the reverse mesh new!!
  7. Also the struts I have are Datsun 810 or 200b in Australia
  8. https://motivejapan.com/glow-star-wheels-ms-bc-15x7-4x114-3-4x100.html
  9. Looking to get a set of these, I’m looking at at 15x7 for a 510 sedan. Thinking to get the +10 offset, it says +10 offset comes in either an A disk or an O disk. what would the difference be?
  10. Where abouts are you? I might be able to sell you a 71b box next time I get up to nsw. I have a few if you get a 71c box, you’ll need to put a bellhousing on it from a Lseries 71b box. 71c boxes are sr,ca boxes That’s what I have in my car.
  11. Datsport used to sell these or still do. they were made out of neoprene I think. would also probably be easy to make your own out of neoprene around 6mm I guess.
  12. You must be stoked getting this thing on the road!!! Congrats!! cant wait to do the same with mine.
  13. Good luck with the inspection mate! 🤞 hope your going to someone datto friendly, some of them are complete flogs..
  14. Probably 90% of the cars on ratsun would not be allowed to drive on our roads, haha. i hate to complain really because it’s a great country to live in. But seriously there are sooo many rules with everything, not just cars. All the rules we have with cars seems to be about on par with the rules with everything here. when do you think you’ll have yours on the road, I’m really hoping to have mine by the end of the year, it doesn’t really need any more work done to it, I just need some spare time to do it. And I work in Victoria so if they tighten the borders more and I can’t get back to
  15. Well, really the Datsun 510 was available with a L18 standard(although I think only the coupe) so L20b should be ok anyway.
  16. I’ve got 200B front struts and brakes and a jap 200B large can booster with a 7/8 brake master. standard drums in the back.
  17. Man I hope I don’t have to get an engineers cert for the L20b, I know going exactly by the book I probably would need to. i think its super expensive to pay for engineering now.
  18. Well I got a definitely got a blueslip with the 5 speed long box with a custom crossmember. but I’m sure it depends on the guy doing the inspection , I was actually thinking I’d have a problem with the L20b but that was fine aswell
  19. What state are you in? I’m in NSW im getting ready to register my car again. I’ve got a 5 speed long box, and an L20b with twin Weber’s. I’ve had it registered as it is before and didn’t have an issue passing the blueslip, even with the L20b. hopefully I don’t have too many issues. yeah, I scrolled back through your thread and it looks like you’ve got a modified gearbox crossmember. Hopefully they don’t nit pick on shit.
  20. FFS an engineers cert for an exhaust. 🙄 have you got a 5 speed with a custom gearbox mount? I’m guessing that will be a problem aswell!
  21. nad015

    Hot LZ23

    How’s this thing going?
  22. Interesting, they look pretty good! are they individual ports at the manifold face of the throttle bodies? It doesn’t just go into one big oval does it?
  23. What sort of throttle bodies and manifold are you going to use with the efi? Dcoe throttle bodies?
  24. Oh, and that’s one sweet 1200 sedan. My second favourite datto!! whats he going to do with it?
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