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  1. nad015

    Hot LZ23

    How’s this thing going?
  2. Interesting, they look pretty good! are they individual ports at the manifold face of the throttle bodies? It doesn’t just go into one big oval does it?
  3. What sort of throttle bodies and manifold are you going to use with the efi? Dcoe throttle bodies?
  4. Oh, and that’s one sweet 1200 sedan. My second favourite datto!! whats he going to do with it?
  5. Oh yeah e10 that shits sold everywhere. Not exactly high octane though. think it’s higher than 91. Doubt as much as PULP though. the e85 I was using I think is 105
  6. Oh I might add, unless your engine specifically needs higher octane of e85 or such fuel. There will be no use running it. my L20b at the time was something around 12.5 or 13-1 compression and would only run on e85.
  7. Whaaaat the hell is e94?? Haha never heard of that. Obviously 94% ethanol, I didn’t know that high a percentage was available in Australia. I used e85 in my L20b for a while, and my local servo sold flex fuel or whatever it’s called, it’s supposed to change the ethanol content according to the seasons, I always checked it when I filled up and it was always 85% ethanol.
  8. Oh I was actually expecting more for the price of the cv’s. Might give him a call. That’s good about the tailshaft flange. did you source the diff through him? I think if I remember correctly his son has a jap performance parts/ wreakers yard. Or maybe I made that up. 🤔 haha
  9. I’m also thinking about doing an r180 lsd conversion. where did you get your diff from? and did you end up using SWR cv axels? Is the tailshaft flange for the R180 the same as the R160 or do you need to change the flange on the tailshaft.?
  10. Well you gotta run it high in Australia. nanny state. man that is one cool gear knob.!! nice work..
  11. nad015

    Hot LZ23

    Nice dude, what sort of gasket did you end up getting made? Another copper one?
  12. Is it when you step on the throttle? thats usually a lean spike. cured mine with bigger pump jets
  13. Does anyone know the part number for both left and right assemblies for datsun 510 front guard turn signal. the arrow type 1970 on. not the USA version or 68 style.
  14. Yeah mate 100% But that shit should be banned. I still have nightmares of when I was a kid and my brother brother would leave it all smeared in the margerine and on the bench, and I would be almost throwing up if I happened to touch it. Ha ha
  15. Well you have more guts than me, I'm about to turn 35 from the sunny central coast nsw, Australia born and raised and I have never ever brought myself to try that shit. I have actually made baby steps as one of my kids likes it so i can actually spread it onto bread without dry retching now.
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