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  1. docbainey

    Anybody tried a DGAV?

    Get a manual choke conversion kit, like $15.
  2. docbainey

    Anybody tried a DGAV?

    FWIW, early Capri's and Pintos used water chokes. As far as parts go, Pierce Manifolds is the place.
  3. docbainey

    L20B intake/exhaust gasket... help!

    Stoff, According to the Remflex website, I believe they crush to half their original thickness.
  4. docbainey

    L20B intake/exhaust gasket... help!

    One other source that might work is Remflex. They produce solid graphite gaskets that crush, they will also do custom stuff. http://catalog.remflex.com/NISSAN_Header_Exhaust_Manifold_Gasket_p/15-001.htm
  5. docbainey

    L20B intake/exhaust gasket... help!

    I believe distrutorguy is looking for a gasket that actually seals the 2,3 exhaust ports from each other, he's racing. Most of the manifold gaskets that are out there for 4 cyl L engines, do not seal the 2,3 exhaust ports from each other. Street motor, who cares, racing, different story, especially land speed record sht. What stoff suggested, that gasket cut up, would seal the 2,3 exhaust ports from each other. Just my 5 cents, inflation!
  6. docbainey

    L20B intake/exhaust gasket... help!

    I believe its Top End Performance? There listed on Ebay. Maybe not? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-510-Exhaust-Header-GASKET-For-L16-L18-L20-510-and-Pickup-/312184834731?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
  7. UTQG ratings are typically required for manufactured tires of over 2000 units or more per year. No UTQG rating is the same as a UTQG temperature rating of 'C'. Traction and tread wear ratings are a manufacturer supplied number, nothing else. Temperature rating on the other hand, determines the severity of a DOT required test. An 'A' temperature rated tire undergoes a more severe test than a 'B' rated tire, and then 'C 'in terms of severity. Other determining factors of DOT testing are of course tire size, load index number and load rating IE 'extra load', 'standard load' or 'light load'. Any speed rating on a tire 'S', 'H', 'V' and so on are manufacturer supplied ratings, like traction and tread wear, and do not require any DOT tests to actually verify the rating.
  8. docbainey

    QA1 front strut and spring setup

    GS401 -- $421.90 Ea !!!!!!!! Holy Crap!
  9. docbainey

    Looking for wheels for 510 wagon

    Try and find some early four lug corvair wheels, then run a 185/70r13,
  10. docbainey

    Canby 2018 presented by DNW

    One 610? A wagon at that? No 710 2drs? Or first gen 200SX? At least a B210 Hatchback. The mid 70s to early 80s cars have all been crushed, unless its a Z,
  11. docbainey

    Are Torque Thrust rims good for track days?

    5 lug hubs? I don't see these being made for 4 lug hubs, could be wrong though.
  12. docbainey

    75w90 gl5 for 4 speed manual gearbox??

    Banzai Do you have your rd built? In the day those where assume drag bikes. Nothing like. A 2 stroke scream.
  13. docbainey

    13" Tires still available?

    Tire Rack Any thing around those sizes are going to be track tires, $200+ ea
  14. docbainey

    FS5W71B right hand thread locknut

    Good stuff Stoff! The 32354-E9803 is left hand, I need the 32354-E9804, which is right hand.
  15. docbainey

    FS5W71B right hand thread locknut

    Does anybody know who might have this for sale? It appears to be 'unobtainable on Algon' according to Monty Python. OR does anybody know the thread size so I can have some made?? I guess I should have said 'main shaft' lock nut. Thnx!

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