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  1. Seeker > 620 KC

    620 A/C compressor mount

    As for the York compressor and Charlie's statement of horsepower robbers... those compressors were big, noisy, and created a lot of vibration. And on a 620 that only produces about a 100 hp, they could bog the motor down under cruise some, but heavily at low speeds causing them to stall often because... many of the aftermarket AC makers like Frigidaire (Frigiking and ARA) did not make as sophisticated AC units as Nissan, so they didn't put actuators that raised the idling RPM, etc. They also caused a lot of vibration at idle and low speeds, especially if the aftermarket brackets weren't secured well, or were stripped out on install by non Datsun shops. And the front seals often overheated and caused Freon leaks, on top of the leak causing slide-on hose fittings. This made a lot of 620 York owners give up on the complicated "modern" (at the time) AC and remove the compressors and leave them off their vehicles forever, leaving the lines, mount brackets, and condensers in the engine compartments and the evaporators in the dash... with no working fresh air vents after that! York got a seriously bad reputation like Edsel, some deserving, some not. But if maintained Yorks did a good job and lasted a long time. And they were the only AC option available on 620's and a lot of American cars for a decade or more. I believe Colour Box reasonably wanted AC in a hurry for the summer and just restored Factor AC using a York in her little Stanley 210. I can't wait to catch up with her and check it out. It will be a real flash-back to my Econo Motors Datsun Dealership days of installing AC in Riverside CA. More on Sanden and Hitachi compressors and more modern ugrade installations in my next posts.
  2. Seeker > 620 KC

    The Official SWDP 11th Annual Barbecue August 18th 2018

    Woo Hoo! Can't wait to visit with you again George. Love hearing your stories about being a dealer owner, and being able to ask you questions about "back in the day." Is your son Kevin coming this year? Hugh
  3. Seeker > 620 KC

    620 A/C compressor mount

    I'm responding from work, so I must post in chunks. Thanks for bearing with me. I just checked the online version of the 1977 620 Datsun/ Nissan Factory service Manual and it too has a section on AC. My understanding is the 620 Japanese Factory AC began sometime in 1976. But having to print service manuals in advance of the vehicle model production year, I don't know if they got the AC published Factory Service Manual (FSM) in the 1976 Datsun/Nissan version or not. Tried to locate a 1976 620 FSM online without success. If someone has this manual and could confirm if it has a AC section or not it would narrow down and give proof to my understanding. Posting a pic of the FSM cover and table of contents would be ideal documentation, if anyone has those skills I seem to have lost or not kept updated. Much appreciated.
  4. Seeker > 620 KC

    620 A/C compressor mount

    By what I hear And understanding the “antique” insurance status is only available if you register the vehicle with CA DMV as a historical vehicle. This may also incur more yearly state fees and could also limits how much you can drive it per year to maintain historic vehicle status. I suggest confirming this before eliminating your smog pump to install a compressor (pump) in its place. AC was not installed by the Japanese Nissan factory in early 620’s. When exactly they started is not clear. Many state-side dealers were buying after-market US made AC units (under dash and in-dash units) and installing them at their dealers or by local shops near them like ARA shops. Then the dealer sold these to car buyers as “factory AC.” None of these units were made in Japan despite having silver lettering on the AC switch control plates saying “Datsun.” This can be confirmed by looking at the compressor mount plates, fan squirrel cages, or hose ends. The compressor mounts are welded plate steel, the squirrel cages are stamped “Made in Ohio,” and the hose ends are slide-on with hose clamps. , Find a Datsun/Nissan published 78 or 79 620 factory service manual (NOT a Haynes, Chilton, or Motor’s brand.) Both year manuals have very good AC sections with exploded views of the 3 combined brackets (difficult to find in So Cal) it takes to mount the heavy square vibrating original York compressor on the passenger side of the engine. The main bracket is cast iron and weighs 12 lbs! It must be bolted to two other smaller brackets in order to mount the York compressor. The York compressor was not mfg by Nissan but was the only compressor used by Nissan for orig 620 AC, and was included in the Datsun/AC kits assembled at the Japanese factory. Nissan was using Hitachi compressors in I have these and can share them but don’t have the current skills for posting to the website. Is there a new user friendly way without using a third party host? would be willing to send to someone else to post. I also have pics of various mounts. More in my next post.
  5. I'll write you a note for time off from work. Let Jesus be your co-pilot for the ride Ted <sarc.> I'll even let you borrow my shade canopy so you don't lobster up again. I believe ER is 3 x's a year, which would make it in November. Typically, it's the 3rd Sun of the month. But I would check with Jose on that to be sure.
  6. Seeker > 620 KC

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Just an interesting observation of us all. We're ironically funny creatures aren't we? We don't hesitate to shell out really big bucks for a big screen TV. But we sure watch our budgets on our 40 year old projects for our creature comforts, eh? :)
  7. Seeker > 620 KC

    How to make a ghetto a/c AKA Ghetto Breeze 600

    If it's humid outside... don't try and utilize swamp cooler technology. It only makes it worse. Living on the coast where humidity is always high, the hardware stores don't even sell swamp coolers till you get 30+ miles inland. But in Riverside where I grew up it is a desert... swamp coolers are king!
  8. Seeker > 620 KC

    How to make a ghetto a/c AKA Ghetto Breeze 600

    You'll have to pass it on to some lucky but sweaty southlander!
  9. Seeker > 620 KC

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Colour Box gets chilly in the summer time! Success at last! Hopefully he installed a new receiver drier? That could contribute to it not being as cold as it should be. Remind him your evaporator is nearly 40 year old technology compared to today's standards! It won't quite as nice as modern, but far better than the Ghetto breeze ;)
  10. Seeker > 620 KC

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    Yes...I experienced it all driving up from San Diego thru Grants Pass to Canby and back last year. That's how I typically categorize the PNW...never dries out. But I was hypnotized by Canby the first two times I came up...sunny and warm!
  11. Seeker > 620 KC

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    I realize I'm from So Cal, and don't know the difference between showers and rain (its all wet to me)... there was only enough dry room for single table that didn't get soaked under my easy-up. . In the space next to me was James, His lady, and Gene. It rained so much on and off they went out and bought a giant blue tarp to surround their easy-up. It was like a giant blue cocoon that swallowed a boom box.
  12. Seeker > 620 KC

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    The VIN # is also stamped on the inside of the right frame rail by the oil filter or frame rail. One you clean it and copy the number, you might have better luck requesting one from P.O. or from DMV?
  13. Seeker > 620 KC

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    That’s why Colour Box was utilizing her Nissan manuals vs. someone’s old feeble memory like mine, or some’s Memory who believes they’ve seen it all ;) DatsunFreak is correct in his assessment of aftermarket AC units vs, Nissan beginning in the early 80’s. Early 70’s Datsuns did not come with AC installed and was done at the Dealer by their techs, or subbed out to local AC shops, some being ARA shops. But some early Datsun AC units did use the York compressors too and do show up in some Nissan service manuals. Later model Datsun branded vehicles did come across the pond with AC installed at the mfgr plant. I get this vrbal history from Fontana Datsun Dealership George Goespel at the real SWDP BBQ in Fontana CA. Nissan chartered a entire plane and flew him and his wife and other dealership owners to the plant in Japan for a couple weeks of plant tours and japan trips. this is why I try to make that BBQ every year to hear his Datsun experiences and aDatton history! I also have a handful of the parts diagrams for different Datsun models from my ARA days. There are a number of clear indicators to distinguish aftermarket AC units from Nissan. Like the plate steel mounting brackets vs, Nissan’s cast iron brackets, and the 620 bracket weighs nearly 15 lbs!
  14. Seeker > 620 KC

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    You might want to look up the orig cast iron bracket in her AC thread before recommending this. The orig bracket is a knarly thing, not quite as bad as the Nissan 620 cast iron bracket.

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