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  1. Seeker > 620 KC

    New to me 620

    Mike knows much more about these than I do, he’s prob right about the year. The good news is, most of the operating parts ( water pump, brakes, fuel pump, bearings, body seals,) etc for 78-79 620 are all the same part numbers!
  2. Seeker > 620 KC

    New to me 620

    P.S. It also doesn't have a condenser in front of the radiator, another supporting fact it didn't have AC. And DatzenMike's observation about the fender badges not having the 1979 Datsun "by Nissan" fencer badges also supports it is a 1978 620.
  3. Seeker > 620 KC

    New to me 620

    My 79 620 door VIN plate doesn't look anything like that one. The "incomplete vehicle" reference probably means it was originally sold to a US company or an individual as a running cab and chassis only without a bed. US companies would special order trucks this way, then mount a flat bed, tool service bed, chassis mounted camper, or something other than a regular bed. Since the tag says the truck was mfg in 2/79 I would guess that is the year the cab and chassis vehicle first sold to a US company or even a customer, probably special ordered. I doubt the vehicle came with an alternate from Japan with an alternate bed, but suppose it is possible. But, all the supporting owner's manual and supporting paper work says 1978. I speculate it was actually manufactured in 1978 and could have been sitting in Japan for that long, or at a US distribution facility, or even at a dealer. Then, the company who manufactured the service bed or camper then generated the new 1979 VIN sticker when they finalized their modifications and when it sold to a customer. The original antenna holes on the passenger side cab leg support it being a 1978 truck (or earlier, but I doubt it.) Also the dash does not have center vents for the AC original, nor does the center console have the control switch where the upper delete plate is. This vehicle more than likely never had original or aftermarket AC. Hope this helps!
  4. Seeker > 620 KC

    New to me 620

    Does the VIN number on the title match the VIN plate on the door or in the engine compartment? If not it's the wrong title for the truck. Since there are antenna mounting holes on the passenger side it could be a 78 or earlier cab/truck vs. a 79. The AC rubber delete plugs are still in the firewall, and there is no AC Drier or bracket on the passenger inner fender. There are no monster cast iron AC brackets on the engine either. This truck/cab probably never had AC. But it is possible the cab was swapped as DZMike said. I don't know why it would have the stock electric fuel pump without AC, unless they did a really fantastic job of removing all the elements, and putting back all the delete rubbers/plates? Are there center vents in the dash, or does it have a radio or a delete plate? Post a picture of the dash. Is there a condenser (skinny looking radiator ) mounted in front of the radiator on the grill side of the radiator support bracket? The 78 and 79's with AC had an 8 blade fan vs. a 7 blade fan on the trucks without AC. How many blades on your plastic fan? FYI: Datsun AC was installed on 620 trucks as early as 1978 either at the factory or at the dealer (and the 78 had the Datsun electric fuel pump like that one,) possibly back to 1976. I researched this once and can't remember what cut off date I found. There is an AC section in the 78 Factory Service Manual, but I don't have a 77 or 76 manual to check if there is an AC section in it. Does anybody have a 76 and/or 77 Datsun Factory Service Manual who can tell us if there is or isn't an AC section in it?
  5. Seeker > 620 KC

    1975 B620 A/C Fan Blade Question

    If you're still looking for an AC fan I have an original from a 79. The original Datsun AC fans actually had 8 shorter blades with a little more pitch vs. the 7 longer flatter blade fans. They are offset about an inch to the front to clear the 3 grove pulley that bolts to the harmonic balancer. PM me if you want side by side pics of the two fans, measurements, and diagrams from the Datsun AC parts list.
  6. Seeker > 620 KC

    mini truck bbq

    Time will tell, eh?
  7. Seeker > 620 KC

    mini truck bbq

    Gene, Gene, Gene, No wonder SDWP is so frustrated with you, and banned you from their club. At yesterday's ER Swap Meet I only talked to you about what parts you had/didn't have. This was only to get my buyers stuff they needed when I didn't have it to sell to them. The by-product of talking with you was... it just so happened to help you (another vendor) get rid of your Datsun parts, and hopefully got you farther away from SDWP. In telling me what parts you had/have... you again told me you are selling off ALL your Datsun parts and vehicles and want out of it all. You told me this same story at the previous ER Swap meet, and stated you don't want anything more to do with Datsuns. And I took your word for it the first time. But yet... you went right ahead and fought hard for your own mini-truck BBQ anyway. Your actions don't match your words. These are polar-opposite conflicting statements, and make absolutely no sense to me. I PM'd you the day before the swap meet requesting we only deal with parts, and not talk about the past. Yesterday you started in talking/ justifying having your own BBQ issue. I quickly changed the topic and left your selling space. I previously posted I made peace with you in a PM to clarify my veteran statements about you. But that did not/does not make us friends. You're another parts vendor I've seen a handful of times. I don't know your address, and vice versa. I've never seen you outside the SWDP BBQ or a swap meet, and based on your words not aligning with your actions, I don't want to. We are absolutely NOT Datsun brothers, whatever that means to you. Making this statement in a public thread is mis-leading to readers, just plain wrong, and I see as more of your manipulation. My friends don't do that to me.
  8. BluebirdSSS: Your "12th Annual" ER swap/show is kinda misleading isn't it? If you've had 3 of these events a year for 12 years, haven't you actually put on 36 shows? That's fantastic! You're the absolute best for putting these on, no mater what you call them ;) And I still like the venue, even if it's and hour and a half drive away. Tdaaj: Thanks for making the long trek from the great north with another load of primo parts, and making my day. Big kudos to your drive crew also. Red13: Thanks for putting the toy "bait" cars on my spot to draw buyers into my space! (P.S. Your son David really cracks me up! Love seeing him at the shows.) RuckyCharms: A big "Thanks" for taking my left-over parts off my hands, I'm just not able to schlep parts back and forth to swap meets any more. (No returns! ;) Always good to see my swap-meet favs: Slim Nelson, James, Juan the Machinist, Julian, The other Juan from Riverside who bought 620 headlight rings, Rodney, John who bought my Z ST rims, and Bananhamuck (Its like talking with one of the three stooges... I can't help but laugh being around him.) Sorry if I left out anyone. Didn't see RivRobert, Chalo, Blue-eyeddevil, and a handful of others. Catch ya next time. GeneKnight: I doubt the $5 you charged me for a 620 split/cracked rubber steering column seal (for a replacement template) would have paid for enough fuel to get that rental truck off the lot. But since you drove from Phoenix to sell stuff, I sent you customers anyway ;) dhp123160: I'm curious and not familiar with diesels. How does a missing fan belt affect your brakes. As long as you have vacuum and the engine is running don't you have brakes? Thanks again! See ya all next time... as a shopper/swapper vs. a seller.
  9. Seeker > 620 KC

    mini truck bbq

    I remember shipping you some free parts at my expense I was giving away. Don't recall ever trading or selling you any parts Charlie. Either way, same back at ya.
  10. Seeker > 620 KC

    mini truck bbq

    Charlie: I've had my "say" about this issue in both BBQ threads. Gene made peace with me 5-6 months ago in a PM, and he no longer involves me. Please leave me and my quotes out of your ongoing arguments with him. It's embarrassing, and I don't want to be further involved with this never-ending juvenile divorce. FYI: A spoiler purchase I made from Nev Tony at the last BBQ was the third strike for SDWP for me. I'm done with both events/groups and don't want to be associated with either. (I will really miss my yearly visits with ex Datsun Dealer and Datsun historian George Koepsel.) Another observation: The SWDP club obviously perpetuates it's own drama. And, there's clearly a "pack mentality" to it. Even if Gene did somehow wrong the club beyond the BBQ issue, it's no wonder he is having such a hard time separating from the club after being involved with it for so many years. PTSD or no PTSD, I really hope he sells-out all his Datsun parts at the ER Swap meet so he can finally move away from it all. Then Gene, SDWP, and this thread, can get some needed peace. (You'd never know by some of the the juvenile BBQ postings" that most of the SDWP club members are 50-60 + years old. Simply embarrassing. )
  11. Seeker > 620 KC

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    So sad Ted, No Xmas, birthdays, or holidays for you? Save em or create em, I say!!!
  12. Seeker > 620 KC

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    If suggestions are being considered and this isn't premature... I really liked the two day Canby event, and would much rather see it re-locate than fade away into history. I did a quick google search, there are two smaller fairgrounds that may be affordable in Oregon (could be others closer to Portland?): Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis. Not sure if they have on-site camping. Douglas Co Fairgrounds in Roseburg. Their website says they have camping spots with hookups. I drive from San Diego to attend Canby and don't complain (much.) But Corvallis would be 65 miles further south from Canby for locals. It would be a good opportunity to drive your Dats down the 101 local towns if you don't want to drive the I-5!
  13. Seeker > 620 KC

    620 A/C compressor mount

    Right on Charlie. I have not looked into these and have not compared installed clearances to the frame and gear box. Had a very difficult time finding one for my SX. Have you found a source for rebuilt/re-resealed Hitachi compressors?
  14. Seeker > 620 KC

    620 A/C compressor mount


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