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  1. I have to be T town for a B,day party. I could stop by, that's if my beater made it wall the way.:confused:
  2. Yea I did see the buggy rack. It's really short ( good) but the splined part ya hook your st shaft to, it comes out right in the senter and straight, no angle on it. If it just had some angle pionting to the drivers side, it would work. If I did it, it would have to be mounted just forward of the stock cross member, may be 6-8". It was just a thought, putting a rack in. It's very ez to put one in and make it go straight down the track, completly different trying to make it turn nice and work well on the street. I use to have one out of a Wintson West car, all Alum and 1.5 turns to lock, and you could change the gear in it. Gone now. There is some scince invaled in getting the right set up so one wheel turns more than the other, can't remember what they call that right now.
  3. The more I think about it, the more work it's going to be. I was just thinking I could put in a Rack and get that drag link out of the way of the oil pan. Guess I could always go old school and let it pass through the pan.? It's also the EZest to do. Hole , hole, tube and weld. Just one more step when pulling the motor.
  4. I was just being a smart ass. I know the cars are hard to find. I guess mine will be the only one running around hear with a v8?:D It wont be a hack job. I'll onlt CUT what I have to. I want the car to look intact, or to uninformed it will. It will be mostly the fire wall and tunnel and I want to try and use the part of the fire wall I cut out. I just want to push it back so it's still there. But down behind the motor will be all fresh sheet metal. The cross member will be cut and rebuilt so it goes forward of the oil pan. I have an extra block and heads ( block is only 75lbs) after I get the block in the bay. Then I'll know for sure what is going to take. It just all depends on how much of the stock cooling system I wont to use; water pump, fan and so on.
  5. :lol: Considering putting a Rack in it ( 1200) and putting up forward of the wheels. Is there a commonly used Rack-n-Pinion for these?
  6. It's kinda funny, cuz this car sat on C.List for 6 weeks and only one call. He was only asking 600$ ( I got it for 500$) It's a one owner car and came with a truck load of spares. He listed it as a 110, I didn't even know what that was at the time.:confused:
  7. If it was a rare car of some sort, I wouldn't. It's just a Datsun.:lol: I feel the same as you, but in a different way; I can't bring myself to do the same thing as everyone else.
  8. I think I'ne seen the yellow one around. Didn't meen to start with the bikes, but it's kind of a good way to show some fab skills. Don't have meny pix of the cars we've put together.:(
  9. IDK, but a stock Rover 3.9L with EFI and cast exhaust, is 340lbs. I'm running a carb for now, headers, v6 cover, 21lb flywheel and have already change some other things; better engine mounts. If ya think about it. It's just an extra cyl head 4 more pistons, rods and a longer crank. So if ya put a top end; head, intake, exhaust and maybe 10-15lb sand bag in the front of your car. You'd have roughly the same weight over the wheels. Well maybe 20lb sad bag. The stock EFI manifold is kinda heavy compaired the a 4bl manifold thats on it now. Sorry this is so long, but I left it with all the info. 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  10. The motor is just about 300lbs. About the same as a 13b Rot. I'll only be adding about 75lbs (maybe less) to the very front ( in front of the front wheels) the rest of the added wheight will be behind the front wheels, so it like putting your budy in the car. It will get it all, frame rails, cage, stronger rear end, the works. One step at a time. Did the 10 1/4" brakes, so I think it'll stop. A12 is allmost 200lbs ( 189 I think) so the v8 is not as heavy as people think. I can move 25-30lbs just by moving the bat to the rear. A friend of mine did a RX7 with a Ford 5.0, Alum heads, headers, Alum rad and only added 101lbs to the total wheight of the car. That pic of my bike you see there. It's a 1993 NSR250 with a 1985 RG500 4cyl square two stroke. I use to have a 250 V twin two stroke. If I want handling?, I got that. It's 310lbs and a 110hp. http://www.bikepics.com/members/nsrg500/ This car is for me and my son to ride around in and work on together. Oh ya, the car looks better in the pix than in real life. Just kind of a play toy for us. It's not a real prostreet car, just for fun.:D I'm thinkin, 190-200hp, 20-25mpg on the highway and a blast to drive. P.S. Oh, and the St box, it's out of the way. The drag link is a bitch though. Had to deal with bigger issues than that before. The brake master might give me some head scraching. Have you seen some of the tubro set ups people fill these things with?, this will be EZ. Haveta dream big...now wheres my box of hammers? LOL!
  11. Put this bike together with that movie in mind. http://www.bikepics.com/members/nsrg500/ It's the Black Bike. Some of my other projects to.
  12. Never seen it in a 1200?, thats why I'm doin it. Sorry, I didn't save the pix of the v8 1200. Lots of SBC and a few Fords have been done. The nice thing about the Rovers is the the crank is tucked up inside the oil pan rails, like a Mopar. So you can build the pan any shape ya want. That helps a lot when your trying to keep the motor low. I don't want to but I can move the whole fire wall back 4-6", but I rather keep it where it is. Just rework the tunnel. The 5spd I have isn't much bigger than the Dat 5spd in it now but the bellhousing is, so that where the rub comes in, so to speak. The higher I place the motor, the bigger/taller the tunnel has to be and the less chance I'll have to run a stock water pump/fan combo. I'm trying to do the " It looks mostly stock", just a motor swap and wheels. So I don't want to do like we did with the 74 Colt with a big block Mopar and cut it ALL up into bits. That was a Rat Fink car. 383 6 pack tunnle ram. We shoved the engine so far back and UP the top carbs were only about 3" lower than the roof! And thats with no air filters! Have it on , what do ya call that old stuff??, film? No Dig camera back then. All of my crap has been some kind of weird pile of parts, why should the Datsun be any different? This time I will take lots of pix!:D
  13. The side to side isn't what I'm conserned with, it's the frount to back. The motor is a little wide but not bad. The headers that are on it, I wont be using like that. I got those to cut up, just hung em for the pic. I just got a set of P38's THEY fit, but if I don't like em the way they are. I'll cut the flanges off and mod the ones in the pic ( Mustang 5.0's). The car has lots of room side to side. And yes I do have a very big hammer. I can and have pushed motors very far back in to cars before. I will have to cut the fire wall, but trying to keep it to a minimum. This has been done before, so it's no big deal......where did I put that hammer???:lol:
  14. I still don't have a clue what you did?, but thanks. And yes, thats the motor going in my Datsun. I sometimes wonder if it's a BAD THING to say suff like that on this type of site?
  15. Ok, lets see if I can get a pic up? This is a test To see if it works.:confused: It's a 3.9L all Alum Rover v8. I know, I know. I could make more power with a turbo 4cyl, been there done that on my Yamaha Vmax. This is for my son and I to work on together he's 8yrs and he loves telling everyone about the hot rod we're building. Just don't tell him it's only good for about 200 HP ( 180 as it sets). Story so far; Bigger brakes off a 91 Sentra, stock A12, 78 b210 5spd & rear end, Del Sol seats and wheels. I'll use bigger rears with the bigger motor. I got this car off C.List about 2 yrs ago for 500$, you guys really missed out! Came with a truck load of spairs, 1 owner. I had it running in 15 mins after it had sat for 6 1/2 yrs. Now, I drive it every day and can't wiat till the motor goes in.
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