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  1. Time Left: 12 hours and 46 minutes

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    looking just to get rid of this guy. has not been running for years. the condition is pretty rough. no way ill get my money back out of it just want someone who appreciates datsuns. will need to be towed. i have title.


    kent, Washington - US

  2. This little guy has got to go its too much for me. Everything is there, the dash is removed to fit a factory tach. Has a14 bored over .030 flat top pistons and h89 cylinder head. Body is ok, both front fenders have dents from previous owner. All lights works. Replaced tranny fluid and rear diff. fluid. Brake fliud replaced and one brake cylinder. Fuel lines and tank were taking out and cleaned. Cleaned rust off floor and paint/sound deading new insulation and new carpet. Kinda runs will start and rough idle then die. I think me messing with emmission stuff is to blame. Come w
  3. My car is a 76 and the tach is an earlier model
  4. well thanks for that knowledge. maybe ill just run a new wire from tach to coil. i dont really want to start cutting.
  5. Well i got my dash off and than realized i was in over my head. the drawing on 1200 make zero sense to me. can anybody help me out? can i splice the tach wires to this group? it wasnt attached to anything.
  6. what the title says. pm me and we can work some thing out
  7. Nice Reign X and 510 i have a Reign 1 510s look good in the sun
  8. i use these little tiny craftsman wenches, they are like 2in. long
  9. well i cracked mine and the machine shop wants like 200ish so hopefully someone can sell me one cheaper
  10. kinetict

    B210 coupe

    Just bought a rebuild a14 .040 bored over with a h89 head. How do i figure out how much power motors should have?
  11. So i got a new A14 motor bored .040 over with a h89 head. Could i run the stock hitachi carb? Or do i need to have it rejetted . If a get a Weber, what should it be jetted out to?
  12. kinetict

    B210 coupe

    i like pictures, how about you ? old stuff
  13. What are those rims? they/your 510 look nice
  14. Im liking those mirrors also you could get a mk1 golf duck bill for like $60
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