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  1. 98motorsport3

    Getting my first 510 tomorrow! Raleigh, NC newb.

    Out of my price range.
  2. 98motorsport3

    Getting my first 510 tomorrow! Raleigh, NC newb.

    Ended up not purchasing. If anyone was going to look at the car and would like some info, you can pm me. Let's just say, pics make it look better :-( kinda bummed. Now on the hunt for another if anyone knows of any for sale!
  3. 98motorsport3

    Getting my first 510 tomorrow! Raleigh, NC newb.

    No no, the one I posted isn't mine. I have a coupe. I'm trying to figure out the best way to have that stance(the one pictured) with a 205 or larger rear tire and still have proper suspension travel. I do love the 4 doors as well. I won't be doing any burnouts in it at first. Have a few things I want to tidy up first. However not a stranger to light cars with power. I'm selling my c5 vette at the moment and it makes 676whp through a 3800 converter and weighs 3090 without me in it. Drive it to the track run 9s and drive it home. I'm actually using some of that money to slowly build my "perfect to me" 510! I'm sick of only going in a straight line. Lol
  4. 98motorsport3

    Getting my first 510 tomorrow! Raleigh, NC newb.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I do have a couple of questions if any of you could throw some info my way. I plan on doing a few track days a year with the car and mainly having it be a little street terror. Here is the issue I'm having. I don't want to flare the fenders if possible to keep the old school body lines. If I have to then I have to. On low boost it will be making close to 250whp. My issue is getting this to remotely hook. I know that means probably some stickier tires but I know not much more than a 205, if anymore, can fit under there with the car being lowered. I want to do everything on the car the right way. Not the most expensive but not a hack job. I would like to keep working with the 280 brakes and build my suspension from there. It has cut springs in the rear w/new shocks. It has camber plates up front, with 85 300zx inserts. So how much tire can I fit under it lowered, and how would you do it? 15x? 16x? So up in the air. lol. Something along these lines URL=http://s235.photobucket.com/user/zhiguli510/media/10ABD70F-D3C7-4F24-8B47-2659C4E18B75-363-000000E8991B3575_zpsb2c10067.jpg.html][/url]
  5. Figured I would make a quick intro and a new owner thread at the same time. My name is Nelson and I'm from the Raleigh, NC area. Just north of Raleigh. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my first and probably my only 510. I've wanted one for years and have finally found one near me on the east coast worth looking at. It already has some things I had planned on so that saved me a lot of money. It's a 72,2 door ka24de-t swapped. Rx7 rear lsd diff, 4.11's, 280 discs all around. I'll be posting pics once I get home with it tomorrow. I do have some plans for the car and some ideas to make it my own. Hopefully I'll meet some more datsun fans in my area! I'll definitely be on here a lot now that I'll finally have one!
  6. 98motorsport3

    FS: datsun maxima RB20det

    I m planning on flying in and getting it this weekend. I'm located in Raleigh, NC... it'll definitely get some attention at the meets up here! Was trying ot find a 510 but wasn't having any luck then saw this!
  7. 98motorsport3


    Can you get me some pics of it. I really probably can't go more than 6... and that's stretching it. I have an sr20det redtop full swap out of my s13 240. For the automatics, what trans will work and how hard is the swap? as far as finding a pedal cluster and such? I'm willing to put in the work if it's fairly bolt in. Thanks for the help guys!!!
  8. 98motorsport3


    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum, this is my first post/intro. My name is Nelson, I'm 29yrs old and looking for a 510. I'm in Raleigh NC, and I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right car. Here is what I'm looking for, a 510 2 or 4 door NO RUST! Rust is a deal breaker. No auto transmissions. Don't care which motor is in it as long as it's running/driving. Prefer something with some light mods or heavy mods. Trying to stay in the <5k range. Don't really wanna have to spend more than that, maybe a little more for travel. Thanks everyone, hopefully I'll be a 510 owner and be able to be more involved with the forum!! Nelson Also you can call me at 919 453 three two seven four, if you have one and wanna talk over the phone instead. Thanks!

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