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  1. Yakima rack fitted for rain gutters. Originally fitted to one of my old dimes but easily fits on any datsun with rain gutters. Surprisingly still hooked up to one of my old emails. This has been such a throwback to come back to this thread three years later. If anyone is curious, I still have the 240, its been in storage since around the last post. Since then I've been a little more modern. After I sold my SR20 4 door 510, I was briefly in an E36 M3, then a R32 GTR skyline, STI forester and a couple other odds and ends such as S13, G35.
  2. .... Time for those duel sidedrafts! Kinda hoping the next AutoX is with an r32, then we'll see what the times are...
  3. Hey! In my defense that was only my second auto-X and my tires are old and cracked!
  4. I guess I'll update this with some final photographs and close it out. Sold the SR510 to a guy in Canada, turned around and bought my first modern car, people may hate me but I definitely don't miss daily driving the dimes. Bought this with 7800 miles, hoping to daily this for the next 5-6 years
  5. Thought I'd update this. Entered into my first auto-X, after a couple issues with my ignition switch and my electric fan making contact with my accessory belt pulley I managed to make a few runs. Did not put down very fast times and ended up 51st of 56 at a Porsche autocross, but with more seat time and the suspension I just installed I should be able to shave off seconds on my time. Auto-x photos courtesy of son_of_a_datsun_guy Both struts had been sectioned twice by a previous owner, creating slight positive camber in one side while the other was slightly
  6. I realize that carburetors can't stand up to modern ecu tuning in performance or reliability, but I love the idea of mixing the side-draft with the dohc and creating a mixture of period-correctness and modern horsepower. A dream engine of mine has always been the TC24 setup in a 240z or kpgc10, I also absolutely love the rocky auto carbureted RB30s. While this is my only daily right now I plan on going modern within the year so I'd like to swap to dual side-draft and a mild cam with this one and just create a fun enjoyable car that I can just play around with and take to shows and auto
  7. So I've been thinking about doing a carburetor conversion on my NA SR20. I have a set on SK Racing side drafts from before I swapped to an L28et I'm having a little trouble finding good pictures and information on how to do the swap. From my understanding I would need to ditch the distributor and go to separate coil packs, swap to a low pressure fuel pump, and somehow wrangle up a custom sidedraft manifold. Does anyone have any information on how to go about it?
  8. When I was under my dash for the gauges I smacked my head on the signal knob so I wonder if that could have shifted the contacts out of wack originally.
  9. I don't know what it is with you but you're a Datsun magician! I replaced both flashers, pulled and checked every fuse, and wiggled the switch and they're working again. Not sure which one fixed it but guess it doesn't matter at this point. And btw, you were right about the steering angle, swapped in a box with about half the miles on it and this box itself gets about 2/3 more turning from straight to lock.
  10. Purchased a couple new flashers that I'll throw on. I tried another switch that I had on another 510. Again the high beam switch worked but not the turn signals. Also picked up a cheap little fuse puller so I'll check those once I get the new flashers on
  11. Right side, seems functional. Left side, I'm not sure what it does, extra flasher plugged into next to the flasher and adapter
  12. There seem to be two different flashers under the dash. The one on the right side of the column definitely feeds the hazards as unplugging it makes the flashers not work, however, the one on the left side is a mystery to me. Looks like there is an adapter that adapts the right angle blades to a parallel blade flasher and it was not plugged in. Neither plugging that in nor trying a regular right angle flasher helped.
  13. Done Installed new tie rods and ball joints, a steering box with half the miles, and 280zx steering knuckles. Also Speedhut gps speedo and 8k tach along with a flowmaster 44 Don't worry, I didn't install the tach upside down.
  14. Hi/lo works, pulled the connections and plugged them back in best I could.
  15. So I was fiddling with my dash and steering column, installing speedhut speedometer and tachometer, and somehow I've managed to make my turn signals stop working. I've pulled the dash apart again and cleaned the connections I could find but I haven't been able to solve the issue. My hazard lights function properly. Any ideas for what I could have screwed up?
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