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  1. I ordered a US Prince brochure right before I put it up for auction from them. I like to have the brochures of every car I have owned.
  2. The guy that purchased it owns autolit.com. He was just in Hemmings with his 1961 Datsun Fairlady. I imagine that he will not modify it so that's good. Here is that article on the Datsun Fairlady. Thanks for bidding. http://www.hemmings....le_dreams1.html
  3. Somebody is getting close, be interesting to see what happens in the next few days.
  4. The person I bought it from was the 2nd owner. He traded random items for the Prince Skyline. The original owner was stationed over seas and brought it home with him when he returned. This is what I was told, I have no idea if it is true or not. At some point in time the original owner must have found a US skyline for parts. It had to have been a DLX model (like the pink one pictured above). He swapped the bigger motor into the car that I currently have because I do not believe the GB-30 came stock from the factory in the base model. The Vin plate says it should have a GA-30. He also grabbed bunch of other parts figuring he might need them someday. I just happened to see it on craigslist one day. I bought it because he was going to scrap it and that made me a sad panda. It ended up being in really good shape and it did not take me long to get it running. I also figured the clutch and brakes would be seized but they worked right away. I do not know how long it sat before I purchased it but the gas was varnish. The veteran apparently lived in Deerlodge, mt so I wonder if the parts car is out in the woods somewhere.
  5. Here are some random pics from my collection of picks. Here is an pic of them being imported Here is the mooneyes car apparently it is a private owner based on some info I got from a source. "The car that went back to Japan was actually not bought by mooneyes. It was bought by an individual in Japan who is sort of associated with mooneyes." I think mine is in better shape based on what pictures i have. Looks like the windshield is shattered. Dont get a boner but this is a Prince club meet in japan
  6. Three normal sized people could sit up front. The original brochure I have shows 6 people in the car.
  7. Thanks for getting my car on BAT. I have searched high and low and there is little or no information about these cars. Somebody found another car at an estate auction in Oregon. it was shipped directly to Japan for a full restoration. I have pics on my computer at home it was a pink car. It was a deluxe version as well mine is the base model. I have received most my info from a friend in New Zealand. New Zealand and Australia did not receive the ALSID-1 but recieved the ALSID-2 I do not think there is many of these cars around. That is why you do not ever see them for sale. I know there is a Prince club in Japan and they do not have to many survivors. I should post some of these pictures I have. There are probably some old skylines rotting away in a field somewhere between here and California. I want to know what happened to the car the previous owner got all the parts from. They also were exported to South America so there could be some good examples there. The person that wins it better not cut it up because that would make me sad. This car needs to be preserved.
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